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  1. pat59

    Dual Sierra - Win10 stopped booting to Clover

    System has been working (ok,some niggles) for sometime now, but over night just stopped booting to Clover. not sure what's gone wrong or even how. Still able to boot from my USB stick. Please could someone have look for me, (can't see the woods for all the trees).
  2. pat59

    BCM943602CS Combo Card

    Would be grateful if someone could talk me trough the process of getting the card fully working. Have the Wifi working but not the Bluetooth. Was under the impression this would work OOB, but it seemed not. Would really appreciate any help but someone that managed to get this working in Sierra...
  3. pat59

    [SOLVED] Boot problem GTX 760

    Have sucsessfully (in part) a dual boot Sierra build working, However. On first boot I alway have to use Nv_disable-=1 to get the system started, reboot and it works without the flag. I have the (up to date) Wedriver for my GTX760 installed and I believe the plist correct, but still no luck...