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  1. amitkania

    Weird iMessage Problem

    I followed the iDiots guide to iMessage and iMessage was working perfectly, but after rebooting, it doesn't work anymore. I am able to RECEIVE iMessages, but if I try to send one it does not deliver and I can only send text messages. Here is a picture: So in short, I can receive iMessages...
  2. amitkania

    Broadcom BCM57788 Not Working

    Hi, I followed this guide to get my ethernet to work: But after installing the 2 kexts and rebooting, it keeps saying cable is unplugged even though it is plugged in (I tried many cables) Here are some pics.
  3. amitkania

    [solved] Laptop Battery Problems

    Toshiba L655-S5115 with Intel i3 M370 and Intel HD Graphics I'm on OSX Sierra and I'm using the ACPIBatteryManager and OSX recognizes when I plug in the power cable and when it is on battery, but the battery percentage is always on 0%.
  4. amitkania

    Battery Problems

    Okay so pretty much, I have a Toshiba L655 and I have everything working except batt percentage, so I downloaded this DSDT and applied it: However it caused a KP, but when I booted with DSDT=off to...
  5. amitkania

    Sleep Problems

    I have an almost perfectly working Sierra build. Everything works except sleep. Whenever I click the sleep button, I hear all the fans turn off, and the displays turn off, but in 20 seconds or so, everything turns right back on. The displays are still off though and I have to move my mouse to...
  6. amitkania

    Hackintosh Will Not Boot Up

    My hackintosh was working fine, until I decided to install the Realtek RTL 8111v2.1.11 driver from Multibeast. After installing it, I am unable to boot into my desktop. The progress bar under the Apple logo just gets stuck. I can't boot with safe mode either. In -v, it get stucks on this...
  7. amitkania


    Whenever I put my Hackintosh to sleep, it sleeps for like 2 seconds and then immediately turns back on It's a Dell Desktop with an Intel i3-4130 and GT 720. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. amitkania

    iMessage Chimera

    Is it possible to get iMessage working using Chimera? I'm running Yosemite.
  9. amitkania

    Sleep Issues

    Everytime, I click the sleep button, my laptops display turns off, but the laptop still stays on. Also the display won't come back on no matter what I do. How do I fix this? Laptop Specs: Intel i3 370M with Integrated Intel HD 1st Gen
  10. amitkania

    Audio Not Working

    I'm running El Capitan and I have ALC662v2. Audio is not working at all.
  11. amitkania

    WiFi Help

    Hello, How do I get WiFi to work? I have this WiFi card:
  12. amitkania

    Audio Help

    Hello, how do I get audio to work? I have Realtek Audio Codec ALC3600‑CG.
  13. amitkania

    Nvidia GeForce GT 720

    How do I get this card to work? I currently have no QE/CI.
  14. amitkania

    Intel HD Graphics 4400/Dual-Boot

    Hello all, Just to start off, I am a complete noob when it comes to Hackintoshes. Okay now lets continue. I want to do a dual boot on my current desktop, but I don't want to wipe out my Windows. I've searched a lot on the web on how to do this, but they all say you need to install Mac first. So...
  15. amitkania

    How to make Intel HD 4400 work ?

    I have Intel i3-4130 CPU with Intel Hd 4400. Any help would be nice.
  16. amitkania

    Toshiba L655 Satellite Laptop

    Hello, I just wanted to make this thread to say that if you have this laptop, everything on the laptop will work except WiFi. I have successfully installed Mac on my Toshiba L655-S5115 laptop. Everything from speakers to microphone and even the camera and graphics card work! All I did was...
  17. amitkania

    iMessage and Facetime Help

    Everytime I login to iMessage, I get a Customer Code Error asking me to contact apple. I am using Chamaeleon boot loader and have Mavericks. How do I fix this? I have already tried adding a file in the extras/modules folder and that didn't help either.
  18. amitkania

    Dual Boot Mavericks and Windows 8.1

    Hello all, I currently have a Hackintosh laptop and I have Mavericks running on it with Chameleon boot loader. Everything is working good. I would like to dual boot it with Windows 8.1. I have tried looking at guides for it, but most of them say to install Windows first, but I have...