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  1. vlgngrbrdmn

    Solved > Random Display Freezing, Black Screen on Display Sleep, and Other Issues with Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64

    I am reposting this from a couple months ago hoping someone can help me out in understanding what is going on with my Hackintosh. My main issue is random freezing of my display (i.e. cannot move my mouse) and nothing being displayed after my monitors go to sleep (i.e. lock my screen, wait a few...
  2. vlgngrbrdmn

    Solved > Monitors do not Display Output after Waking up from Sleep

    Hello all, I recently reinstalled macOS Mojave on my computer (specs listed on the sidebar). I have three monitors attached to my Sapphire AMD Vega 64 in an "H" setup. Once my monitors go to sleep from inactivity, if I try to wake them by pressing keys on my keyboard or moving my mouse, my...
  3. vlgngrbrdmn

    Panic While Using Hackintosh

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but recently I have been experiencing panics while using my Hackintosh. Sometimes it happens a couple minutes after it boots up, sometimes not for an hour. Is there any chance that you guys could assist me with figuring out what the...
  4. vlgngrbrdmn

    Hackintosh Not Fully Shutting Down/Restarting

    Hello, Ever since I have upgrade to High Sierra (via a fresh install), I have been unable to restart or shutdown my machine from the menu. If I click either option, my screen goes black. However, I am still able to move my cursor around the screen. My machine just sits like that indefinitely...
  5. vlgngrbrdmn

    [SOLVED] Install USB Creation Issue

    Hello all, I recently updated my MacBook to High Sierra. I then, after some trial and error trying to update my Sierra installation on my Hackintosh to High Sierra, completed reformatted the drive on my Hackintosh along with my Sierra installation USB. That being said, I decided to try to...
  6. vlgngrbrdmn

    Fenvi FV9801

    Hello all, Does anyone know if the Fenvi FV9801 PCIe card works with Hackintosh? Specially Bluetooth, because Wifi works OOB. Any advice/input will be much appreciated. Also want to point out that both Wifi and Bluetooth work in Windows 10. Thanks!
  7. vlgngrbrdmn

    ISSUE: Safari Issue with Nvidia Pascal Drivers

    Hello, I am not sure where to post this but I thought the Graphics forum would be a good place to start. I apologize if this is not the correct place to post issues. After a clean install of the Nvidia drivers (378.05.05.05f02), I noticed some graphical glitches when using Safari. Please see...
  8. vlgngrbrdmn

    GTX 1060 + Hackintosh Question

    Hello all, I just finished building and setting up my first Hackintosh, for the most part. I still need to peruse this forum more and figure out how to set up Bluetooth with my Gymble dongle, iMessage, figure out why the Wifi cuts out sometimes, and download things from the app store, among...
  9. vlgngrbrdmn

    First Hackintosh/PC Build Advise

    Hello all, I am planning on building a Hackintosh. This will actually be my first PC build of any kind, so any advise/help would be appreciated. I currently own a 2012 MacBook Pro non Retina so I have some knowledge of macOS. I have Windows 10 dual booted other as well via Bootcamp. My goal...