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  1. idee

    Multiple monitors with GTX 760 & Lion

    If anyone has any ideas on this I'd be very grateful. My setup follows the old Frostcall build of 2011 (see specs) but I've just upgraded my gfx card to the EVGA GTX 760 and it's broken my multi-monitor setup. (Multiple monitors still work on Windows.) I have one monitor plugged into the DP...
  2. idee

    Succesful boot 1 in 5 times

    I have been putting up with this problem for 3 months now, but it became worse after a recent clean install of 10.7.3 and it's now too frustrating to ignore. The issue: I can only boot into Lion successfully about 1 in 5 times. When I try to boot, the system will apparently randomly choose one...
  3. idee

    Jittery/fuzzy display in fullscreen applications

    After a clean install of Lion 10.7.3, a new problem has developed. When i run a fullscreen application, my main monitor becomes fuzzy and jittery. The secondary monitor is fine, and when I quit the application, the display returns to normal. Any idea what's going on?
  4. idee

    Moving /Users to a different partition...Again!

    I've followed Lnx2Mac's very helpful guide on how to move my home directory to a separate partition, found here: However, I've since acquired a bigger hard drive and want to move my home directory to it. Does...
  5. idee

    Fractal Design Define R3 + USB 3.0

    Hi everyone, new poster here. Researching for my first build, & will be sure to post anything I learn that might be of use to others. I've chosen the Fractal Design Define R3 case. It seems like a popular one, so I thought some people might like to know that Fractal have just released a USB 3.0...