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  1. Flotho

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    I have a Lenovo BCM94352Z! Is there an extension to add more length? Have only the possibilty to fix 2280 lenght on my mainboard...
  2. Flotho

    Boot into High Sierra Installer hangs

    Solved your problem? Having the sams issue...
  3. Flotho

    Sebinouse's Build : CustoMacMini 2014 - Intel NUC Haswell i5-4250U - El Capitan

    i install the alc283_out on my d34010 but i get an system message "system extension cannot be used" the normal alc283 works, but the sound is laggy over my headphones... i have installed the new 10.11.6! Could somebody help me?