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  1. zok1

    Workaround for - no GPU output - Black Screen RX 580

    I followed the guide in this post, updated lulu.kext, whatevergreen.kext and made sure there were no duplicate kexts. Old lulu.kext found in S/L/E was deleted. Rebooted - no luck. Enabled Intel HD in BIOS, set my Initial display to be On-board GFX, connected HDMI to motherboard output and to...
  2. zok1

    Nvidia WebDriver and OS-X 10.10.2 build (14C1514) new on 19-03-2015?

    So, I tried changing both the SystemVersion.plist and the NVIDIA kext file to match build numbers, however it keeps saying that it is incompatible.
  3. zok1

    Security Update 2015-003 Breaks NVIDIA Web Driver Again

    Security Update 2013-003 Breaks NVIDIA Web Driver Again Followed it to the letter, however it didn't work for me. When I open the preferences panel, it still says 343.02.02f03 (Not compatible)
  4. zok1

    Asus P9X79 Pro build complete - IOUSBFamily kernel panic, system freeze

    Hi, after numerous attempts I finally managed to 'successfully' install ML using Unibeast 2.0 on a P9X79-Pro + 3930k system. After installation, everything seemed to work OK, USB3, Ethernet. The only issues I had was no audio and my SATA controllers were not recognised. I ran latest...
  5. zok1

    First Hackintosh build - HDD issues

    So, no one has encountered this issue before? :(
  6. zok1

    First Hackintosh build - HDD issues

    Hi all, I recently built my first hackintosh following the guides on this website and was quite happy to get it working first go. The base of the system is a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3P rev1 motherboard and an Intel i7-860 CPU.OsX is installed in a 128GB SSD and I have three other HDD in the system...