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  1. DifferentComputers

    GA-Z170M-D3H BIOS F20 vs. F7? Worth it?

    I've got my Hackintosh running just fine now, but it's not got the latest Gigabyte BIOS update. The docs on the update don't mention anything super important or compelling. Has anyone done this update? Necessary? Worth it? Thanks
  2. DifferentComputers

    No Quartz Extreme with Skylake Intel HD 530

    This is my Indigo Sawtooth I'm talking about. I've clean installed. I've used Multibeast and not used MultiBeast, instead adding kexts by hand. Using latest Clover. I've tried about 8 different config.plists provided by various people. These include changing several different platform IDs. No...
  3. DifferentComputers

    Enable Power Management in Sierra on Skylake system GA-170m-D3H

    I've searched the forums and there are a dozen guides, but none of them for my system/processor/OS. Can anyone point me to instructions for how to get power management working on my Indigo Sawtooth? SO much of getting my first hackintosh running was way easier than I expected, but this last...
  4. DifferentComputers

    (Clover configurator) Speaking for all the newbs:

    ...I'd just like to say: I've been a paid Mac tech since 1998. Trying my first Hackintosh. Gotta use Clover Configurator to get graphics working right. This: "Check your Custom Entry -> Settings field in your config.plist Settings=special mean a file special.plist which is the same as...
  5. DifferentComputers

    Guide to implement power management for GA-Z170M-D3H

    I got told by a helpful person to search for this. 800 results, all with partial info, many that make reference to systems I'm not on, Haswell not Skylake for example, make references to options without explaining where those options are, etc. Can anyone explain it to me?
  6. DifferentComputers

    Access to user gallery?

    How do I access the gallery for my account? I added one picture in a post, but now I can't seem to get to the gallery to add more. Can it only be done from inside a post?
  7. DifferentComputers

    Indigo Sawtooth: GA-Z170M-D3H/i5-6600 in a PowerMac G4

    First build! Unlike a lot of first build posters, I've waited until my machine is nearly complete to post here, because I've see the abandoned threads filled with dusty pics of the shells of old Macs that never got filled with actual Hackintoshes. Now, while I'm not 100% up and running and there...
  8. DifferentComputers

    "Cable unplugged" GA-Z-170M-D3H

    I've searched here for this problem and all occurrences I've found are with very different motherboards. My motherboard is listed as having "Intel Gbe LAN chip" and I've tried both IntelMausiEthernet v2.1 and v2.2. Both have the same result: the cable unplugged message alternating with a strong...
  9. DifferentComputers

    PCI-e power adapted to power other things?

    I've done some searching, but all I find are ways of adapting other things to provide PCI-e power to graphics cards when the PSI doesn't have dedicated lines for this. I'm building a Hackintosh that won't need any graphics card because it's doing my home automation, iTunes, Plex and file...
  10. DifferentComputers

    "Choose your motherboard carefully"

    I see several people who either comment "choose your mobo carefully to fit IO and all PCI slots" in a G4 case. Plus pwalth21 who did a mod 4 years ago and has an M-ATX board that fit without modification. OR maybe he's sacrificing some audio ports? No specs I see for any motherboard list...
  11. DifferentComputers

    getting a handle on which mobo from the guide

    There are lots and lots of motherboard choices on the buying guide. I get that different sizes are good for different things, and I understand that some similar sized boards offer different features. I know I need an M-ATX sized board. What I don't understand is what motherboards are easiest...
  12. DifferentComputers

    Figuring cooling needs on PMac Graphite case?

    Hello all, first post here. First attempt at building ANY computer. I've been a professional mac guy for 20+ years though. Handy in the shop, I have lots of tools. What I don't have is a handle on things that long time builders probably know in their sleep: how to determine cooling needs. I'm...