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  1. madvinegar

    rx5700xt laggy mouse

    For the ones that use this GPU, do you experience any small annoying mouse lag? Especially when opening menus etc. Any solution for this?
  2. madvinegar

    HW monitor only shows ssd and hdd temp

    As the title says, I get only the ssd and hdd temp reading from HW Monitor. This happens to two (2) of my builds. (The Armaggeddon and the CoolerMaster. You can check my signature). What am I doing wrong? Which kexts should I use and where shoud I place them? Thanks!
  3. madvinegar

    USB keyboard not working in clover

    Hello to all. I am facing a strange problem in Catalina. I have two usb keyboards. One is wireless and the other is wired. When in clover boot screen, the wired keyboard does not work, unless I unplug and replug it. Then it works fine (till next boot). On the contrary, the usb mouse works just...
  4. madvinegar

    Solved > Pci Gembird Serial Ata Host Adapter

    Is there any Kext or workaround to make a PCI to Sata card work with Macos...? My Card is Pci Gembird Serial Ata Host Adapter and is not recognized in High Sierra.
  5. madvinegar

    Solved > Using 2 ram sticks of different frequency

    Hello guys. I would like your kind advise on the following. I have successfully completed another hackintosh built. I used an HP 4300 pro with an Nvidia 1050ti and installed High Sierra (so as to have full acceleration with Nvidia drivers). My problem is the following. The prebuilt HP came with...
  6. madvinegar

    Solved > HP 4300 pro High Sierra

    Hello guys. I would like to have your guidance and advise on the following. I recently purchased from ebay an HP 4300 pro sff. I have made some upgrades to it, and more specifically: Changed the Cpu to i5-3570K (HD 4000) Upgraded the ram to 8gb Installed an Nvidia 1050ti Low Profile Installed...
  7. madvinegar

    Dell 1564 with Ati Mobility 5450

    Hello to you all. I am new in the hackintosh world, therefore I kindly ask for your patience and understanding. I have a, i3 Dell 1564 laptop with an ATI mobility Radeon 5450 GPU with 1024mb memory. I have managed to install High Sierra on it. I also managed to get the sound working. The wifi...