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  1. ovb1

    [SOLVED - Memory not seated correctly] Intel HD530 Graphics freeze or cold restart.

    Since updating to High Sierra I'm getting random freezes and more often cold reboots with no logs or warning. I'm using Intelgraphicsfixup and Lilu kext although I can boot with out them with my 2port patch and HDMI patch.. I cant boot without those 2 patches I boot to black screen although I...
  2. ovb1

    Few simple errors I made! May help if you're stuck.

    Had a bit of struggle with High Sierra direct upgrade due to a few daft errors. 1) Check your using latest version of clover. I thought I was but somehow it hadn't updated correctly. 2) Use Latest FakeSMC kext and for HD530 or nVidea graphics latest Lilu and intelgraphicsfixup kext. 3)...
  3. ovb1

    [Solved] Can boot from USB but not SSD? busy timeout appleacpicpu

    Fairly successfull install of High Serria. Notice native support of NVME 961 and able format and install APFS to a SSD easily. Have to boot using 0x12345678 to disable HD530 driver or I boot to black screen. Intelfixup and Lilu kext don't seem to fix this yet. More seriously when I install...
  4. ovb1

    Intel HD530 Graphics working in 10.12.5 without Lilu or IntelgraphicsFixup

    I bit the bullet and updated a clone of Sierra 10.12.4 today. I was expecting to either have a Kernel panic or boot to a black screen without using Lilu.kext and IntelGrphicsFixup.kext... Interestingly I had no issues at all... clean install no need for the kexts or AGDP 1.3 to be reinstalled...
  5. ovb1

    Solid build suddenly playing weird? Sleep and Shut down issues?

    Dear all, I've not asked for help for a long time but I've a weird one i can't solve! Been running Yosemite for ages solid.... everything always worked. using Macman DSDT - TonyMac SSDT BIOS standard/no overclock... Problems: 1) Sleep stopped working out of the blue... screen powers...
  6. ovb1

    Wifi issues with genuine Apple Broadcom card & mini PCI E adaptor?

    I bought this card combo of eBay s Works fine in windows 7. But having massive issue with signal, reception and speed in Yosemite. I've tried moving the router and desktop so the antenna are basically facing each other across the room...
  7. ovb1

    Cheap 40" 4K monitors?,27977.html Thoughts?
  8. ovb1

    No Sound! Check Sound output settings first before you panic!

    Just a quick observation - there are alot of issues about no sound after update and people blaming the new multibeast. It's well worth checking your system settings are not on digital out rather than internal speakers! I thought my sound was not working only to find once i selected the...
  9. ovb1

    m-itx G4 Sawtooth build - H60 cooled

    Hello, I've been slowly converting a mint G4 I picked up on ebay for 99p :) It was mint and actually booted up! Any I've stripped it all out and have been prepping the case to run a GA-Z77N-WIFI, Intel Core i5-3570K, Corsair H60. The case is mint so I can't decide whether to strip the paint...
  10. ovb1

    Re: CarbonCopy onto 2TB 4k disc from SSD Fails to boot?

    Re: CarbonCopy onto 2TB 4k disc from SSD Fails to boot? (SOLVED) I have been backing up my main ML install with CCC for years. Recently I swapped my backup disc for a WD Green 2TB drive. It is partitioned with one partition for my backup. If I try and boot from the back up it fails with a no...
  11. ovb1

    Massive eBay Mac collection!!

    Anyone tempted? Haha 15k start price seems optimistic?
  12. ovb1

    A recommended Blu-ray drive LG BH10LS30

    Hello, just recommend that this Blu-ray player works flawlessly with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 including sleep and auto-sleep - LG BH10LS30 Blu-ray Disc Rewriter BD-RE Dual Layer DVD-RW CD-RW Though it might help someone… :)
  13. ovb1

    MacBook Air 2012 Wireless is sooo slow? Please help me?

    Just bought a Macbook Air..whooopee I thought but the wireless is very slow almost unusable. i have a Billion 7800n router set on channel 11 and 20mhz only i have turned of blue tooth, reset and restarted the macbooks wifi stuff disabled stuff ipv6 etc etc.... but it is still rubbish. this is...
  14. ovb1

    Help how to use USB 3 with VLI810 hubs on GB - P67A-UD5-B3 board.

    The Lost Swede says that the VLI hubs now work since 10.8? On my board all the usb 3 ports are connected to the VIA VL810 hubs and USB 3 has never worked properly. I have updated the VLI hub firmware but not the usb 3 controller firmware which is a Renesas D720200 chip. If I use the latest...
  15. ovb1

    IMPORTANT Darkwake=0 Flag can break auto-sleep in 10.8.1!

    Did your system used to auto-sleep in Lion and Mountain Lion but stopped in 10.8.1? I did not find this out another user posted on the forum but I thought it might be effecting others? Most of us have the darkwake=0 flag in our boot lists yes? Well my system does not auto-sleeep with this...
  16. ovb1

    10.7.4 graphic glitches and freezes with 4gb ram

    Hi....just a quickie! I have never suffered with the infamous glitches and freezes on my i3 Probook I presumed due to only having 4gb RAM. Since updating to 10.7.4 I get serious glitches / lines and freezes. I have fixed it using the smpcdeamon / fan app thingy which has worked perfectly...
  17. ovb1

    HP Probook i3 SSDT help?

    Hello..when updating the HP Probook to 10.7.4 the machines with i3 processors do not boot with out the Drop SSDT boot list edit. This then effects Pstates and power management. Is it possible to use a SSDT with an i3 processor? If so could someone help me create one? I've tried to modify...
  18. ovb1

    10.7.4 i3, Pstates and SSDT ideas?

    Right following this thread - [GUIDE] FOR INSTALLING 10.7.4 i3,i5,i7 USERS It is suggested that people with i3 Probooks use the drop SSDT in the boot list? I get kernel panics when I don't use drop ssdt in my boot list. Now although this allows us to boot and use 10.7.4 it also messes up...
  19. ovb1

    Best symbios options / problems?

    OK if I use iMac symbios i have only max and min pstates? if i use macro 3,1 the i have full pstates but no graphics card management and my fps falls to 30 from 56 fps? i have seen people using mac mini but i get a kernel panic. is there a solution yet? cheers all. :)