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  1. Welletoraptus

    Raid 0 + Chimera + Yosemite?

    Anyone how has a RAID 0 setup with Yosemite and want to share some tips? Im using Chimera and i can't use Clover... I have tried 50 times. but only chimera will boot with yosemite n my setup. Asus Saberooth x79 intel i7 3930k Gigabyte 760 2gb 2x intel 530 240gb SSD
  2. Welletoraptus

    Very slow boot mavericks

    Hi, I just finished my first hackintosh. But my boot up time is solo slow. take about 2 minutes to boot it. my specs. Asus sabertooth x79 intel i7 3930k geforce gtx 760 32GB corsair RAM intel 530 240GB SSD Is there a way to solve this? or is the boot up times on mackintosh this slow in...
  3. Welletoraptus

    Weird white box!

    I just bought two new AOC 27'' displays. When i plugged them in, I got w weird small white box in the top left hand corner. why? how can i fix it?
  4. Welletoraptus

    Audio input problems

    Hi, i got my Asus sabertooth x79 Motherboard, i got sound out. but none of my microphone jack works. How can i fix it? Thanks
  5. Welletoraptus

    Low Novabench score???

    Hi, my hardware: asus sabertooth x79 3930k gtx 760 2gb corsair h80i 32gb corsair RAM why is my Novabench score so low?? cpu test score 0??? why?? thanks!
  6. Welletoraptus

    Asus sabertooth x79 no sound input

    Hi guys. I'm using the Asus Sabertooth x79 MB. I got sound out with multibeast - no DSDT - ALC892. but i don't get any sound input for my microphone. why?? someone else with the same problem? I'm running mavericks 10.9.2. Thanks!
  7. Welletoraptus

    Error code -36

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum. thanks for a great community. I got some problems. I should copy some raw images from my canon 70D Sd-card to my Hackintosh HDD. but when I drag and drop the images a got an weird error. What should i do to fix this? I really need some help! Thanks!