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  1. oldman20

    AirPlay not working Catalina Hackintosh

    Hi all, I have issue with AirPlay in Catalina 10.15.3: I can't enable AirPlay Display, this is my spec and config. I don't know how to define exactly, sorry my bad English. I follow this What I did in...
  2. oldman20

    Issue bluetooth AR3011 (AR9002WB-1NG wifi combo card [AR9285 + AR3011])

    Hi all, my wireless card isAR9002WB-1NG wifi combo card [AR9285 + AR3011 (bluetooth)] In my case, wifi is working stable, but bluetooth almost failed, sometime working, and this is error, how can i solve it, make bluetooth working normaly? thanks as you can see in picture, i dont know why in...
  3. oldman20

    Dell Inspiron 3543-C USB port Configuration

    hi, thanks your guide very useful, i followed this guide but not sure about some: + at Step 3) Port Discovery: Here is a test of the same port using first a USB2.0 drive and second a USB3.0 drive: (that's port i know is 3.0 port) Why in my case it isnt? maybe i wrong or missing else? So what...
  4. oldman20

    How to use mouse and keyboard via USB port at GUI Cloverbootloader

    Hi all, i just want to know how can use mouse & keyboard USB with USB port when Cloverbootloader startup? I installed Ps2MouseDxe.efi and UsbMouseDxe.efi but not work, while touchpad and keyboard integrated laptop working!! thanks all! and 2nd question is: i installed success Catalina with APFS...
  5. oldman20

    Unable boot with right ig-platform after Security update 2018-001

    Hi, my machine unable boot with ig-platform 0x16260006 after install Security update 2018-001. So I must boot with ig-platform 0x16160006 and result only 4Mb graphics. Any idea, bro?
  6. oldman20

    [Quest] What's method correctly to patch wireless and audio?

    Hello everyone, I need advice to make my hackintosh work functionally, with this specs: Mother board: 0RN98T CPU: i3-5005U GPU: HD5500 Wireless and Bluetooth: AR9002WB-1NG (I replaced the in-built one) Audio Card: ALC256 (branded as ALC3234) Ethernet...