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  1. athiqbe

    patching DSDT unfixable errors

    so i exported dsdt and ssdts with clover disassembled them .. faced 4 syntax errors .. tried to fix them with some patches .. i noticed when i apply the wak arg 0 patch the errors goes away but i face 2 new errors somthing with parseop scop end file .. i attached my dsdt to check it out if you...
  2. athiqbe

    audio not working alc295

    i have dumped the codec through linux .. it says that i have alc295 and yet i tried applehd method .. didnt work tried all the layouts .. this is my first hackintosh .. what am i doing wrong ? i tried voodooo it didnt activate my audio either .. so can i get any help i would really appreciate it
  3. athiqbe

    Audio problem

    So I installed High Sierra finally / but audio not working / after a lot of research I found out that Realtek ALC 3601 not supported by Apple alc kext / so is there any alternative methods ?
  4. athiqbe

    dual gpu laptop problem

    so i recently got hp paviliion gaming 15 bc403nb i tried to install hackintosh high sierra .. but it gives me an error >>> 1 ...etc <<<< after digging and searching i found out it was because i have dual gpu << intel and...
  5. athiqbe

    high sierra compatibility questions on new hp laptop

    so tomorrow i will get HP Pavilion Gaming 15-bc403nb with this specs : Processor Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Chip-set Intel® HM370 hard-drives 1-TB 5400-rpm SATA 128-GB M.2 SSD Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 is it compatible to install hackintosh ?