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  1. geminii

    User permissions problem in Yosemite

    Does anyone know how I can fix all the permissions for my system. I changed my AppleID after getting a new iPad and it caused a tremendous amount of problems. iMessage, FaceTime and Keychain all stopped working. In troubleshooting this to try and get them to work again, I created a new user...
  2. geminii

    FaceTime and iMessage stopped working

    Hi, I got myself into a little pickle here. I recently changed my AppleID that was previously used on all my devices and tried to swap everything out on my Hackintosh. I had to get on the line with Apple Support because even my phone and iPad were giving me problems. But I got some of that...
  3. geminii

    iCloud continually asking for password

    So I recently got a new iPad and decided to create a new iCloud email to use on my phone, iPad and computer. Big mistake. So I was on the phone with Apple trying to get things switched over and things seemed to be going fine...then iMessage and FaceTime wouldn't activate anymore with the new...
  4. geminii

    Yosemite Backup Not Bootable

    Hi, I just used CCC 4.1.4 to make a clone of my Yosemite drive. I want to have a fully bootable clone before installing latest version and/or upgrading to El Capitan. After the process completed I tried to boot up, but Clover wouldn't load and I was thrown into BIOS. I went through all...
  5. geminii

    Can't OC my 3970X on RIVE

    So I have tried for several days following various guides over at ROG and here, but I can not seem to get my system to overclock at all. No matter what settings I try, Yosemite always reports 3.5Ghz. Also my Geekbench score often has dropped instead of gone up. Any advice? Thanks
  6. geminii

    Considering the 740 SC and Xeon e5

    So I am considering swapping out video cards in my system. I currently have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 4096 MB, but I understand that the 740 SC seems to be more readily compatible. Basically my system is rock solid in Mavs but in Yosemite I have some weird issues with dual monitor/desktop...
  7. geminii

    Yosemite on Asus RIVE - No Sound

    So, I tried doing upgrade from Mavericks, but it was a no go. After running MB and rebooting, the system froze with the x'd out circle icon. Found in another thread that TRIM might be the culprit. Now I have tried doing a clean install. I am able to reboot and get back into the system fine...
  8. geminii

    Kernel Extensions Warning in 10.9.5

    So I recently upgraded to 10.9.5 and cloned my drive as a fallback drive before upgrading to Yosemite in the future. When I boot up my new Cloned drive I receive the following warning message: Kernel Extensions are not from identified developers The following kernel extensions are not...
  9. geminii

    Trouble with new Multibeast

    Ok, so in preparation for updating to 10.9.4, I ran the new Multibeast based on recommendations since I hadn't run it since before 6.2. I used settings from other thread recommendations and one based on my specific mobo (Asus RIVE). After installation and reboot, the system wouldn't load up...
  10. geminii

    Internal Hard Drive problems - Slowness

    So, since updating to 10.9.3 I noticed a weird problem. A week ago one of my internal HDDs (I have SSD for OS and then 4 internals) suddenly became near unresponsive. It would take several minutes for the system to show the login (I suspect because the drive was struggling to mount) and...
  11. geminii

    OT - Thanks to all at TonyMacX86

    There doesn't seem to be a dedicated Off Topic thread, so hopefully this is the next best place to post. I just wanted to give a big round of thanks to Tony and everyone else that has been so helpful to me over the years. I have been a member for quite awhile and the support on this forum is...
  12. geminii

    Dual GPU setup

    So now that the new Mac Pro is officially released and pro apps have been updated (FCP X, Motion) to support dual GPU, I am wondering if anyone can assist me in how to properly set that up. I currently have a GeForce GTX 760 4 Gb and it would be pretty awesome to double up and get a second...
  13. geminii

    Strange problem after 10.9.1 update

    So, I thought all was well in the land of Mavericks 10.9.1, but noticed one weird anomaly. Anytime I open my primary HDD it send it to a new Desktop session in Mission Control/Spaces. So if I am on Desktop #1 it will open into Desktop #2. Any one run into something like this? Thanks.
  14. geminii

    Overclock Temp Questions

    Can anyone tell me if my temps are potentially harmful to my CPU. I overclocked my 3970X from 3.5Ghz to to 4.5Ghz (but HWMonitor reports CPU Package at 4.26Ghz). My system is running stable so far, no crashes, but my temps are of concern to me. Thanks
  15. geminii

    [Success] Geminii's HexaBeast | i7-3970X | ASUS Rampage IV Extreme | GTX 760

    Geminii’s HexaBeast: i7-3970X 3.5Ghz | ASUS Rampage IV Extreme | GTX 760 4Gb Components Intel Core I7-3970X Extreme 3.5Ghz ASUS Rampage IV Extreme LGA 2011 Thermaltake Water 2.0 AiO Liquid Cooling...
  16. geminii

    Intel Core i7-3970X and Mavericks

    So I am about to pull the trigger on getting the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition i7-3970X 3.5GHz! Now I am trying to decide which mobo to pair this up with. Either the Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI or the Asus Rampage IV Extreme. I have searched the threads and it seems like either of these...
  17. geminii

    Time Machine for new Mavericks Upgrade

    Sorry, I know there are lots of threads existing on related topics with Carbon Copy Cloner and Superduper backups but I wanted to get some specifics on this cause I am not sure this qualifies as a typical restore. So, I have a clean and stable Mavericks system right now. All apps are working...
  18. geminii

    Dual Video Card Recommendations

    So now that Mavericks is out, can anyone suggest dual video cards comparable to what the Mac Pro will have when it comes out?
  19. geminii

    Gigabyte P55-UD4P Success!

    SUCCESS!!! I posted this in the other thread for P55A-UD4P systems, but since I actually have the P55-UD4P F10 board, I figured I would share this with anyone that might have a similar system. Ok, I now have a (AFAIK) fully functioning install! Got sound working, got iCloud and App Store...
  20. geminii

    Video Card Recommendations for Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent graphics card that might be compatible with both Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion? I recently went through the painful process of doing a clean install of ML on my system. I could not get Migration Assistant to properly transfer many of my apps and some of...