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  1. dddirtman

    [Solved] high sierra install issue

    im stuck on this error
  2. dddirtman

    success sierra on asus sabertooth x58

    i first changed my machine to imac 14.2 downloaded the files (based on my system) downloaded the beta (after setting to iMac 14.2) generated the installer usb based in my setup for x58 i only needed to add PctrootUID=0 the get to installer after install booted ok but....when i installed the...
  3. dddirtman

    nvidia gtx750ti issue

    bought this card used for 50 usd installed as this site instructed only works with vga booted with nv-disable=1 installed web driver(10.11.3) copied config.plist to desktop used clover config to set nvidia(no inject) rebooted to black screen reinstalled same black screen tried vga port works...
  4. dddirtman

    desktop bar issue?

    i have an issue with the upper task bar it goes clear on boot up. im wondering if i have a corrupt gui element or file..:wtf:
  5. dddirtman

    make osx 10.9 look like 10.10

    to make osx 10.9 to look like 10.10 download the zip file link on tube page view this video on youtube> for instructions works nice.... note tried to put zip file here but attachment applet won't let me sorry...
  6. dddirtman

    Haiku(beos fork)

    i found this on the web,another os to play with based on Beos works on x86 only.. works nice , still playing with it..
  7. dddirtman

    repair procedures

    repair procedures(funny) lol:D
  8. dddirtman

    mint 16

    mint 16(petra) mint 16(petra) just installed this on my h55 build (triple boot).. i have tryed many distrobutions of d nix os,and this is the best one yet..:D easy to use and setup,verry it!!! highly reccomended... found it easy to mount my hfs+ drive(osx)to copy my media...
  9. dddirtman

    kext utility

    i found this on ... a nice app to place kexts and repair permissions etc.. mavericks super speed edition v2.5.6 :D
  10. dddirtman

    Put Color Icons Back in Finder Sidebar with SideEffects for 10.9

    a new version for y'all...:D
  11. dddirtman

    new animations in mavericks

    wasn't sure where to post this but... when u install apps check out launchpad when installing u get a cool sprinkle effect around the app icon > apple tweaked the gui :D ooh and opengl works(4.1) nice...:D the heaven benchmark(v4) looks just like the windows version with the additions of...
  12. dddirtman

    OpenGL 4 for 10.8?

    it seems we have to wait until mavericks. do u think they(apple) might port it to 10.8 ive been looking to no end..
  13. dddirtman

    icon tool candybar

    found this little tool for icon fun on the desktop:D sample: note the dock icons.... oops
  14. dddirtman

    navigation arrows(bottom)

    in the golden builds section the nav arrow on the bottom dont seem to work?
  15. dddirtman

    uningine valley benchmark

    a new benchmark to check out?
  16. dddirtman


    anybody using bsd... my g5 build blew a power supply so i replaced it and started a unix install(before putting osx drive back in) it is an education at best,and some os fiddling at worst.. i love a challenge, verry old school but educational... anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of an os...
  17. dddirtman

    VBASIC for OS X

    anybody programming in visual basic? i found a good one for osx it works in windows,linux(free),osx(free?) :D also works with Xcode, free for personal use.
  18. dddirtman

    check out this modular mac pro concept

    found this concept for a modular mac pro system verry cool...:thumbup:
  19. dddirtman

    automate mulitbeast

    wouldn't it be nice: multibeast asks for chipset manufacturer of motherboard automatic download of dsdt(if needed) auto settings(based on motherboard)that are automatically downloaded. select os variation select gpu...
  20. dddirtman

    Colorful Sidebar a nice finder mod for osx 10.7 and 10.8

    i found this colorful finder mod ... There is this nice little app to change the color of your Sidebar. Here is some info on it via the site, ColorfulSidebar offers a simple but pleasing visual modification for OS X 10.7's Finder. OS X 10.7 brought greyscale icons to the Mac OS X Finder...