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  1. Feartech

    [Guide] Booting The USB Installer Using OpenCore

    A guide in setting up your USB installer using OpenCore, To start: A USB stick / flash drive or whatever you want to call them, USB2.0 16GB is preferred, possibly a USB3.0 *may* work. Sandisk makes a good USB installer, no I don’t have shares in them, they just seem to work well. Kexts...
  2. Feartech

    Upgrading from HighSierra to Catalina failed - can't see any issue why

    you will need to disable your serial ports in your BIOS
  3. Feartech

    HP recalls more laptops affected by battery fire risk

    just came across this, maybe all who is affected better check their system:
  4. Feartech

    High Sierra kernal Panic

    upload your images here please, along with your problem reporting files read the faq regarding what files to upload: As per rules, please update your hardware profile to allow others to help you easier - read...
  5. Feartech


    you can try turning off your caps lock first then update your hardware profile as per rules (the ones you agreed to when signing up here)
  6. Feartech

    [HELP] Install High Sierra on Asus

    Read up on the FAQ first: Link to laptop guide:
  7. Feartech

    My first steps into Hackintosh x99

    /Extra/extensions is for chameleon bootloader on clover is a little different /clover/kexts/other
  8. Feartech

    Help! Voodoo HDA cannot save changes!

    glad your laptop is working i don't use VoodooHDA.kext but you may need applehdadisabler.kext (which you can search for) for your battery:
  9. Feartech

    [solved] can only boot using cpus=1

    As the title says... This is only happening using 10.13.4 all previous versions have been fine, i can boot only using cpus=1 or using safe mode When i use cpus=1 the next line that comes up is waiting for DSMOS which will then carry on booting up Was wondering if anyone had any insight?
  10. Feartech

    os x disk won´t boot anymore

    you have posted in buying advice.... please update your hardware profile as per rules which os are you trying to install? someone will move your thread to the appropriate place
  11. Feartech

    help me
  12. Feartech

    Questions about Installing and Others

    you can use 1 hard drive partitioned properly, but best to use two separate hard drives if possible for two OS's will give you some info on dual booting and also a guide on how to install macos
  13. Feartech

    HDMI Audio Out

    Hi Guys I'm having some issues in getting the hdmi audio out working on my laptop (specs in signature) Video works fine though :) i checked out the thread: which mentions about renaming B0D3...
  14. Feartech

    HDMI Video

    Hi Guys having a little issue in getting the hdmi video working, under about this mac -> system report -> graphics/displays, mirror is set to off. my laptop only has the one integrated graphics card. On Yosemite using chameleon, i only needed to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes and that was all it...
  15. Feartech

    Acer Aspire 7738G USB Issues

    Hi guys i was wondering if someone could shed any light on my situation please i have had mountain lion, mavericks and yosemite working fine on my laptop using chameleon but wanted to try out Sierra. i managed to get a legacy clover build up and running (took a bit of tinkering!) and all seems...