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  1. H8TR

    [Guide] USB power property injection for Sierra (and later)

    Thanks RehabMan, got 2.1a charging back on my ASUS Z97M-PLUS that I lost ever since upgrading to 10.12
  2. H8TR

    Apple Releases macOS Sierra 'Golden Master' GM Candidate to Beta Testers

    Using Clover r3726, for whatever reason when I booted in verbose, it would never boot into the GUI and would just hang. I had to boot with the normally (with whatever flags needed to boot). Only boot flags I needed to boot 10.12 installer were rootless=0 and nv_disable=1 to temp disable NVIDIA...
  3. H8TR

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

    Can't for the life of me figure out how to get my GTX 950 detected by Web Drivers in 10.12. EDIT: Nevermind, looks like I needed emuvariableuefi-64.efi. Was under the impression that my Z97M-PLUS was storing NVRAM values after restarts but perhaps not. I thought that booting with nvda_drv=1 on...
  4. H8TR

    iTunes Protected Video Black Screen Solution (HDCP)

    A no go for myself. Perhaps it doesn't work for Maxwell GPUs?
  5. H8TR

    How to Fix iMessage

    Apple is having issues with iMessage and FaceTime sign in on El Capitan, even for those on real Macs. There are multiple threads on Apple's forums and people tweeting @AppleSupport about it.
  6. H8TR

    [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions

    Does it? I found it to be the easiest way to get my ports working again. Map ports with IOReg, modify kext as needed, done. Oddly enough, my USB 2.0/3.0 worked just fine on 10.11 but the 10.11.1 update killed my USB 3.0 entirely.
  7. H8TR

    [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions

    I used PJALM's 9 series injector kext, patched it for my ports and it simply started working for me. Though my board seems to have a limit as to how much power it can provide to USB so if too many devices are plugged in, it will only provide up to 1.a.
  8. H8TR

    [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions

    As an added bonus for fixing my USB in 10.11, I've realized at least on my ASUS Z97 board that my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad will charge at 2.1a now from my Hackintosh like a real Mac. In previous versions of OS X, they would only charge at 500 mA. System Information shows that 2100mA is being...
  9. H8TR

    AMD/Nvidia HDMI Audio [Easy Guide]

    Thanks Toleda. Works great. Very easy to get working.
  10. H8TR

    beats 1 freeze my hackintosh

    Beats 1 doesn't play for me either. iTunes doesn't crash but none of the radio stations play for me on my hackintosh. Real Macs and iOS devices are fine.
  11. H8TR

    Haswell HDMI Audio

    Hey toleda, is there a reason I can't get HD4600 HDMI Audio working in 10.9.1 but I can in 10.9.2? Not that it makes much of a difference, just curious.
  12. H8TR

    Haswell HDMI Audio

    I seem to have fixed it. Somehow DropOEM SSDT had been turned to NO instead of YES.
  13. H8TR

    Haswell HDMI Audio

    I don't know what happened on my hack. Earlier today I had HDMI audio with Clover. Have had it working for the last month or so. Restarted the computer, no more HDMI Audio. And I haven't changed anything, no updates or anything. Worked, then restarted, and hasn't worked since.
  14. H8TR

    HaswellHelper: Enhanced 10.8.4 Kernel Now Available

    Article: HaswellHelper: Enhanced 10.8.4 Kernel Now Available It is if you own a Haswell MBA. The Mac App Store will pull the Haswell MBA version for you.
  15. H8TR

    Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 For Beginners

    One reason would be Airplay mirroring support.
  16. H8TR

    Audio dosn't work after update.

    Like the title says, my ALC887 audio doesn't work after the 10.8.3 update. Everyone says just reinstalling AppleHDA should fix it but it doesn't for me. In fact, it never has after any OS X system updates. I've always had to fiddle with it for hours or days until some magic combo gets it going...
  17. H8TR

    Third Party Keyboard and Mouse for Mac/Hackintosh

    I use an Apple Wireless keyboard and a Logitech Performance Mouse MX
  18. H8TR

    OS X 10.8.1 Update

    Didn't even have to rollback audio. Updated perfectly with the Mac App Store software update.
  19. H8TR

    Mirroring to Apple TV 1080p ?

    No it's not. All of those Macs have a 2nd (Sandy Bridge) or 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core i5 or i7 which features QuickSync in the CPU package. On a real Mac, the active graphics adapter doesn't have to be an Intel GPU to have QuickSync enabled. In the Mountain Lion Developer Previews, it...
  20. H8TR

    Mirroring to Apple TV 1080p ?

    AirPlay Mirroring will only work if you have the HD 3000 or HD 4000 as your GPU as Apple is using QuickSync now in 10.8 to render the display for AirPlay Mirroring.