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  1. meowmers

    Clover's boot screen always different

    Sometimes it's the yosemitelogin theme and most other times it is this weird one. Nothing major but what's a likely issue?
  2. meowmers

    Not reading external NTFS

    Fresh hackintosh build yesterday, it's not reading an external NTFS drive, am I missing some kexts? The drive works and can be read on my 2010 Macbook Pro running El Capitan.
  3. meowmers

    Will this build work?

    This will be a mATX build Gigabyte H170M-D3H Skylake i5-6500 Samsung 850 Evo 500GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 MHz 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair CS550m Bitfenix Prodigy M Usage: -Audio Editing/Recording -Light gaming (dota2 etc.) Issues: -I have a Palit GTX650TI 2GB will this work with this rig...
  4. meowmers

    Migration to SSD

    So i've finally stopped debating with myself and got myself a 250 GB Samsung EVO 840. I cloned everything to the SSD except for the Users folder because it is too large. So far all is good and the machine boots up fast and nice but i'm having issues migrating all my settings. Migration...
  5. meowmers

    HD Graphics 2500 (why not?)

    Hello everyone, am currently using the i3-3220 (with HD Graphics 2500). It is not fully supported as I am only getting 1024x768 on VGA and DVI (yep you read right, VGA and DVI) but as least i've managed to get this system working on Lion 10.7.5. Fully Boot-able. Yesterday as I was advised to...
  6. meowmers

    Only safe boot works

    Only safe boot is working right now for my rig a normal boot will result in endless spinning Apple logo page. i have installed the DSDT-free and audio an Ethernet drivers. nothing more. In verbose mode the last line is sound assertion in applehdacodecgeneric at line 360 please help! thanks =D
  7. meowmers

    Unable to boot from USB after Multibeast Install

    Am running Lion 10.7.5 And i'll put the blame on my itchy hands. System was up and running fine after a multibeast kext install. Then I decided to try other options, such as the easybeast which I did not check before. Then there were KPs while booting up from the HDD. My BIOS no longer...
  8. meowmers

    GTX650 or 650TI on 10.7.5?

    Hi guys. just wanna check why is everybody on ML? I know i'm running a i3 with Intel HD 2500 that isn't supposed to work but hey... it runs on VGA, at least i got it working without knowing it was supported haha. Anyway. I plan to buy a GTX650 or 650TI and plan to use its HDMI port. Seen...