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  1. djashjones

    Best remote desktop software

    What's the best RDP/VNC to access my mac at home via my HTPC (windoze) or Ipad? Using Splashtop and Real vnc but they both have little quirks.
  2. djashjones

    Ipad pro with macos

    Just brought a Dell Latitude 5290 Tablet i5-8350U/8GB/256GB SSD second hand off ebay (hope there's no issues). I'm going to try to hackintosh it as I find web browsing in the ipad a complete ball ache!
  3. djashjones

    Lost hardware acceleration?

    It was working, I've must of done something silly. Any ideas on what I've wrong?
  4. djashjones

    Which Tablet?

    Does a tablet exist which could replace my ipad pro but with macos instead of IOS? Or the hardware does not exist just yet?
  5. djashjones

    Keyboard Recommendation

    Currently using 2 keyboards for my hack and windows dual boot. Cant get my magic keyboard to work on both due to a pairing issue from what I have read and the mapping is wrong on windows. Also I have to have it wired to change which OS I wish to use. For the mouse I am using the Logitech...
  6. djashjones

    Recommendations for new email client

    Currently I'm still using MS Outlook (windoze) as my pst file is located on my NAS. I tried the macos client but you need to have separate mailboxes per folder and its all stored locally. Whats the best app out there where I can store my emails on my NAS and have some sort of rules setup too? TIA.
  7. djashjones

    Advantages of headless graphics

    As above what are the actual advantages? my system works great (I think) with the IGPU switched off and I do wonder if it aint broke dont touch.
  8. djashjones

    Charge sync setup

    Is there a way to charge and sync an ipad at the same time through a usb port? I dont think most ports can supply enough current!
  9. djashjones

    dart=0, what does it do?

    Please don't bite my head off but I did search here and on goggle but I can't seem to find an actual straight answer on what is does and why it might be needed. TIA :D
  10. djashjones

    Parallels virtual machine

    Just tried to set up a machine mac & Win10 and both are being reset by the operating system. Is it possible to have VM's on a hackintosh?
  11. djashjones

    Reasons for keeping your mac after a sucessful build?

    My new/first hack has gone rather well and my MBP is about 1.5 years old. Is there any good reasons in keeping it as it quite redundant now?
  12. djashjones

    [SUCCESS] Asus H370-I ITX, 8600k, RX560, 970 EVO Mojave Journey

    Hello to all and I thought I'll post my journey into my first hackintosh as for the past 3 days I've been trying to get running with a lot of fun and games along the way. If its ok I'll post my progress along the way as if I need to restart then I have this account. My Setup: CPU: i5-8600k MB...