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  1. rondark

    Solved > Mojave ...Won't boot without install USB

    Title says it all. Tried Multibeast etc. Not my first Hackintosh. Probably doing something stupid.
  2. rondark

    Mojave with Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX580

    Up dated to Mojave using Intel graphics on MB. Trouble-free upgrade and first time sound has worked since early High Sierra (used Multibeast 10.4.0 ). Finally ditched Nvidia. Made sure Nvidia Web Drivers were not enabled in config.plist. Installed RX580 Pulse and it just worked. Changed...
  3. rondark

    My UniBeast 8 bootable USB is not bootable

    Tried to make bootable USB installer for High Sierra several times with UniBeast 8. None show as UEFI and none boot. Am I making a stupid mistake?
  4. rondark

    High Sierra installs but doesn't show in Clover

    Fresh install of High Sierra on Samsung EVO 960 by Unibeast 8 and APFS. 960 is seen in Disc Utility and erased and install proceeds, reboots, and runs some more. Reboot to Clover and 960 is absent. ?
  5. rondark

    MultiBeast doesn't see AFPS drive

    High Sierra installed on AFPS alternative. MultiBeast doesn't see drive ( Install to...) Any ideas.?
  6. rondark

    Disc not seen by disc utiliy

    new build: Only Samsung 800 SSD connected (containing Sierra from old build) Prepared Sierra usb as per instructions Boot from usb to languge prefs ok Start disc utility and grinds away and finds no discs Ideas?
  7. rondark

    0A error

    new build: Z 270X-UD 5 GTX 1050Ti i7 7700k G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 2400 8 mb x 2. OR Corsair DDR4 2400 8mb x 2 Won't post 0A error and beeps Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. rondark

    ATI 5770

    I don't suppose you need anyone to test the method with an ATI 5770? I have built several Hackintoshs and am aware that it is unlikely that this card can be used but I was given it and it's quite good. Cheers