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  1. nevoness

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Did you get anywhere with the M6100? I have a M6000 in a Dell Precision M6700. Same weird port layout, like exactly the same. I can get output by faking a completely wrong ID, but ofc no acceleration.
  2. nevoness

    Weird AMD FirePro M6000 issue

    Update: I had to reinstall OSX after a ****up of mine yesterday. Found out that Clover Configurator added a couple lines to the config that set the GPU to a fixed ID of 6440 (not FakeID!) Now that I got it reinstalled, I can provide all the necessary info and files. Currently trying to patch...
  3. nevoness

    Weird AMD FirePro M6000 issue

    So i after a lot of battling i finally got Mojave 10.14.5 installed on my dell Precision M6700. (i7 3540m, 16GB DDR3, FirePro M6000) Though now im stuck. I keep trying to get the Hardware Accel to work, without a clue yet. I tried nearly every way of ID Spoofing (even though i ended up finding...