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  1. jonnynogood

    GA-Z170X-UD5 TH thunderbolt 3 ports

    Has anyone gotten the thunderbolt 3 ports to work on the GA-Z170X-UD5 TH? I just got the thunderbolt 2 to 3 adaptor and cant even get system profiler to recognize any thunderbolt hardware. I am going to try booting into windows to see if it will work...
  2. jonnynogood

    GTX 980 ti nowhere near as fast in OSX

    I just finished setting up my machine and did a bunch of testing the hardware with a fresh install of windows 10. I got much better performance with windows 10 than I do in osx with the brand new nvidia web drivers. The card is gtx 980 TI FTW with 6gb vram with same motherboard, ram, SSD...
  3. jonnynogood

    thunderbolt motherboards for 6 core processors?

    are there any thunderbolt motherboards that support a single six core processor? looking to buy a new system or upgrade my old one, I currently have a i7 970 (1366 socket) and it seems like a waste of money to upgrade to anything on the market right now. all i really need form a new computer...
  4. jonnynogood

    can i upgrade from 10.6.8 to 10.8.x?

    can i upgrade from 10.6.8 to 10.8.x (whatever is current)? my grapics card is giving me trouble and i read that i need to upgrade to lion to fix the issues. i have the following hardware gigabyte x58-ud5 2.0 FD motherboard i7 950 processor EVGA GeForce GTX470 Superclocked graphics card...
  5. jonnynogood

    2 gtx 470 problem

    is it possible to run 2 gtx 470 cards in one machine? i have one working great then when i install the second card i get a kernel panic a few seconds after the startup white screen with grey apple logo comes on i have a good power supply so i dont think that is the issue. any suggestions to...
  6. jonnynogood

    anyone know if an ATI 5830 graphics card will work?

    anyone tried a 5830 graphics card? looking to get 2 new cards wanted to get a 5850 but i cant find them anywhere
  7. jonnynogood

    hardware issues when building

    i just build a 4th machine and it does not start up. I am using a hard drive (with osx installed) and ram that i know works. the machine boots, the gigabyte graphic shows up and then the machine shuts down. i am unable to hit tab to see what it is doing and i am unable to get into the bios...
  8. jonnynogood

    mid - high range motherboard options

    what are the options for mid to high end motherboard out there right now? I have used a x58 UDR3 and a UD5 with great results. looking to build another machine but upgrade from the UD5 board. I need ot order it all this week and nobody seems to have the UD7 in stock and the UD9 is a bit out...
  9. jonnynogood

    motherboard version

    how do i tell what revision motherboard i have I am setting up a new machine with an GA-X58A-UD5 v2 motherboard but i dont knwo what one to pick in the DSDT database
  10. jonnynogood

    clock/time runs slow

    is there any way to fix the clock on my computer after overclocking the machine? it runs about 2 hours slow every day. i can fix it by opening date and time (that makes it check the server) but its getting to be a hassle thanks
  11. jonnynogood

    confused about 4xx card performance

    ok so i have been watching the 4xx thread hoping that someone would figure out how to get a 5xx card running when people started posting cinebench scores. some are in the low 20's. i downloaded it and ran it and this is what i got. the orange result is after installing the new drivers then...
  12. jonnynogood

    What is the best graphics card?

    what is the best graphics card that works on a hackintosh? i dont need an easy install as long as i can get it to work. I also only need it to drive one monitor (30" 2560x1600) and i dont really need to update the machine to the most current software all the time.. once it works i am ok with...
  13. jonnynogood

    any way to overclock a videocard with a hackintosh

    is there any way to overclock a video card with a hackintosh? it looks like all that is available is some utilities for windows but they also seem to load the settings after startup. any other options out there?
  14. jonnynogood

    3 port firewire 800 that works

    and its pretty cheap compared with some other cards. and its the only one that i could find with 3 firewire 800 ports. it has an extra power connector that i have not connected up. the card still works fine (i will be adding the power eventually) ...
  15. jonnynogood

    dual processor builds?

    are dual processor builds really cutting edge? i am looking to make a new hackintosh and would like to make a dual processor machine (with 4 core prosessors right now) that i could upgrade to the 6 core processors in the future. I want to put at least 12 gigs of ram to start with in the...