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  1. jesselid

    [Success] Mavericks on ASUS p8p67 EVO - Overclocked 4.2Ghz i7 2600k - GTX 560ti

    Warning!!! This is what worked for me... I'm typing on it now... but saying that, I'm not responsible for any damaged caused by this thread. We are flashing BIOS which can be hazardous! If we don't flash BIOS, sleep won't work without sleep kexts. PREPRODUCTION download Unibeast follow...
  2. jesselid


    Fans are set to 'quiet' in Bios. Windows side is quiet. Hack side is LOUD! is the dsdt overwriting the bios fan control? is there something changing the bios control? SMBios matter? help!
  3. jesselid

    P8P67 EVO + GTX560ti + Mountain Lion = ... HDMI Audio?

    Here is my DSDT and IOReg. I thought I edited it right. Deleted HDAEnabler1.kext. Used Multibeast 'With DSDT' 892 All audio in's and out work, just no HDMI audio (plugged into HDMI TV). Thanks for helping!
  4. jesselid

    You Guys Will Never Guess

    You Guys Will Never Guess (SOLVED) Hey guys, On ML I'm having problems with speedstep (2 states 16,42) on a p8p67 evo and an i7. But Geekbench is 13900 and sleep works! I have 2302 modded bios and using Multibeast OC SSDT for the 4.2 overclock(set on individual cores). Please help. Thanks!
  5. jesselid


    Is sleep unattainable????!!!??? I have p8p67 evo with gtx560ti 1gb, 2tb hdd partitioned with lion 10.7.3 install, 120gb hdd with windows 7 install, wifi card, and 8gb 1600mhz ram. I'VE TRIED ALMOST EVERYTHING!!! Speedstepper, modded bios, null.kext, bio settings, removed hardware!!! nothing...