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  1. Raouws

    Going no GPU on Z370 System.

    So I was kinda wondering... How good the Intel integrated graphics has gotten? I'm on a 6700k with a dedicated GTX 960 with 4GB, and I have no reference for what kind of performance a top of the line CPU from Intel can get in terms of graphics. Since the trend is going mini ITX, I'm always...
  2. Raouws

    Random shutdown

    I've been experiencing some really really odd behaviour in my PC. it started only recently, and it happened like 4 or 5 times up until now. Im just doing my business or whatever... watching youtube videos, working on some graphics or some thing when suddenly out of no where or what ever reason...
  3. Raouws

    For RehabMan, MaciASL will not start.

    @RehabMan i've used the latest version from your bitbucket just a few days ago, i haven't changed anything on the system except installing some minor and unrelated apps. Suddenly right now trying to open up MaciASL does nothing, the app appear to be "running" in the dock but no windows appear...
  4. Raouws

    .DS_Store missing.

    When ever i execute the command in terminal to show all files, it does not show any .DS_Store files, Anywhere. like absolutely none. How is that possible?
  5. Raouws

    DSDT warning: Statement is unreachable

    Anybody knows how to fix this warning message? Or that error above while we're at it.
  6. Raouws

    [Solved] WebDrivers destroy MacOS 10.13 (17A405).

    I did not update from 10.12.6 I did a fresh install from a USB.i made to 10.13 (17A405). After installing the Ethernet kext, second thing I did was installing the updated WebDrivers for 17A405. Right after the installer completed and promoted me to restart for changes to take effect a small...
  7. Raouws

    [Solved] Extra boot option entires

    I was curious about what BIOS version I have and then I clicked on the peripherals tab... and my jaw dropped.. WHAT THE HECK!? I have 81 boot options all pointing to the same 2 drives every time I boot I get new partitions... Please somebody explain what to do with this monstrosity? how do I...
  8. Raouws

    [Solved] Updating BIOS?

    Random question... If I want to update my BIOS via q-flash will the bios go back to their default settings and ill have to manually reconfigure everything or will it just update and leave all the current settings?
  9. Raouws

    Manually installing kexts issue

    I'm booted from backup right now because for what ever reason installing kexts manually is just a big no no with macOS I was just trying to reinstall AppleIntelE1000e.kext to a newer version and it failed miserably. can some body please guide me on how to install the kext? Here is what I did...
  10. Raouws

    [Solved] Kext Cache Reset

    This is my first time actually doing a cache reset on kexts using Terminal so I'm not sure if this message is normal or is there something wrong? Why does it say "invalid signature" ?