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  1. acik84

    voodoohda 2.8.4 always need kernel flag -f

    I just edit info.plist to add my intel c200 hda so that voodoohda recognise my sound card. The problem is to make it working, -f are needed on every boot up. I tried deleting the S/L/cache and it will be rebuild without rebooting but error saying voodoohda.kext can't load appear. Does maverick...
  2. acik84

    How to run app using terminal bash during installation?

    Lion can run during installation(using recovery mode). I tried to run command 'open' in terminal bash (open /volumes/NAME_OF_THE_VOLUME/applications/ but return error command not found. if i run this command in terminal in lion, the safari will open. so how to run app during...
  3. acik84

    Why on every reboot i can see all kext is reloaded?

    After the Chimera screen i can see all kext are always reloaded(just like when boot w -f) even on restart or from shutdown. it should be jump to the page where cpu bla bla listed load boot device etc, right? does this mean on every boot, the extension.mkext are created?
  4. acik84

    got dsdt for my board,whats next?

    success install 10.6.7 with multibeast kext. where should i put dsdt.aml? what kext should i remove after place it on right place?
  5. acik84

    ASUS-P5G41T-M LX audio ALC887 10.6.7 problem

    Installed voodooHDA multibeast with hissing sound once the kext loaded. is there any appleazaliaaudio works for 10.6.7? it works on 10.6.3. i just want stereo sound, or what should i do to fix the hissing sound?
  6. acik84

    i7 shows only one core on Activity Monitor

    Successful install on sandy bridge processor but on Activity monitor it only show 1 core but in system profiler it shows 4. Does this mean only one core in used?
  7. acik84

    Kernel Panic On Asus P8P67 LE

    Got KP after this step: pc spec - i7 2600,8gb ram,ocz ssd,zotac nvidia 440 gt. 1. set cpu ratio=32, disable speedstep and turbo,ahci,disable usb 3.0 boot with iBoot legacy with GraphicsEnabler=No after successfull setup-restart-boot again with iBoot Legacy, update 10.6.7 combo, install bridge...