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  1. jscamposcr

    Graphics issue with GTX 1080

  2. jscamposcr

    Graphics issue with GTX 1080

    I'm giving this another try today, will let you know.
  3. jscamposcr

    [Solved] Help with booting Unibeast (i7 7700k, Z270X-Gaming 5, GTX 980)

    Can you post your latest BIOS settings and the other things you had to adjust, trying to get s similar install going.
  4. jscamposcr

    Graphics issue with GTX 1080

    Hi Guys! After spending hours doing research I have come up with nothing and so I would like to ask you guys for ideas. I built computer with the following specs: MB: GA-Z170X-UD5 GC: EVGA 1080 FTW AC CPU: i5 6600k After going through the install process I have come to a halt. I have...
  5. jscamposcr

    UD5H - Realtek 898 - OS X 10.8.5 Audio issues After Supplemental Update 1.0

    The same thing is happening to me. When I updated to 10.8.5 I had to reinstall the drivers then it was ok, after the supplemental update when I run video on Flash player it get fuzzy. I fix it by changing the output to one of the others on the list. Also it might be worth to mention that...
  6. jscamposcr

    10.8.5 - Update with 'Software Update' & Combo update error

    Same here... Intel i7 3770k GTX 660ti Gigabyte Z77 UD5H Any ideas of what might be causing this or how to debug/find the error?
  7. jscamposcr

    Vt-D Enabled or Disabled

    I did go to the site and checked my processor it is supposed to allow me to have the vt-d enabled which I did when I installed the OS but once I put in my EVGA GTX 660ti it just booted when I disabled it...
  8. jscamposcr

    VT-d - 10.8.3

    Hi guys, I couple of weeks ago I successfully installed the latest version of Mountain Lion on my computer but in order to do so I had to disable the VT-d which I was ok but now I need to start my VM running Windows 7 64 bit to do some debugging on IE the problem is that it needs VT-d in order...
  9. jscamposcr

    Transferring HD from current mac to hackintosh

    Thanks a lot, this is what I was looking for, I will try it tomorrow when all my parts arrive and let you know how it goes. Thanks again for all the support.
  10. jscamposcr

    Transferring HD from current mac to hackintosh

    Thanks for you answer so I would still need to buy Lion, create the bootable USB and go normally through the process?. My problem right now is getting the OS, the app store doesn't want to accept my debit card, apple support says that everything seems ok and the bank also says that they dont...
  11. jscamposcr

    Transferring HD from current mac to hackintosh

    Hello guys, I'm getting a new computer and I was wondering if there is any way I could just transfer the HDD from my laptop into the new desktop or if I would have to clean the HDD do a fresh install and then restore from time machine. Any comments will he helpful, thanks in advance!
  12. jscamposcr

    Help me find a good Laptop

    The idea is to get better performance than that at a lower price.
  13. jscamposcr

    Help me find a good Laptop

    I did, but most of those are not really high end, they either lack a SSD, a good g-card or something else...
  14. jscamposcr

    Help me find a good Laptop

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a powerful laptop to work and play with that also happens to be 100% compatible with OSX. I need for it to have a great G-Card such as a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670M with Optimus™ or something like that, quad core i7, 32gb ram and 240+gb ssd. I found a couple that seem...