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  1. Mojave84

    Catalina Installation Stuck on second stage, it just freezes

    For one week, about 10 hours daily I m trying to install Catalina 10.15.4 now it is just stuck on second stage around 10 minutes, I see that it creates data folder and older folder but the installer froze, and I had to restart from the beginning. Please help!!!
  2. Mojave84

    Mojave Kernel Panic after 6 to 7 minutes of boot

    Hello, i9 9900k, Gigabyte Z390 M, kingston 120 ssd, rx 580 10.14.6 Mojave Except sleep it is working but panics after 6 minutes then freezes sometimes restart, that feels so bad, although if it don't restart it can go on. Please check the report and help me !!! Anonymous UUID...
  3. Mojave84

    macOS 10.15.3 update failed, can't open hackintosh

    Hello HELP, I tried to update from 10.15.2 via system prefrences before that i updated kexts in clover/other download and restarted then on data drive at about 27 minutes left, i see this error... I have system definition 19,2 4K 21.5" imac I was working well but random restart problem it had.
  4. Mojave84

    macos can't be installed error - After 10 minutes

    Post installation, no matter what i choose in clover, i get this error on second boot at around 10 minutes left. I am installing catalina on z390 M (non gaming) i9 9900k 128 gb samsung 950 pro rtx 580 Please help
  5. Mojave84

    Transfer Nvme drive from i7 6700k to i9 9900k

    Hello, I have Asus z170 pro gaming, i7 6700k, Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb, rx 580 OC @ 240hz - Mojave 10.14.6 working perfectly. But something bit me last night and I purchased Gigabyte z390 M motherboard and i9 9900k Now how can i transfer the nvme drive to this new setup, and what are the...
  6. Mojave84

    Help Needed with Mojave Installation

    I am downloading currently, USB is prepared but what about sound and nvidia drivers ? I did install macOS on my i7-3700 earlier in 2014 successfully.