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  1. jespejo

    [Guide] Hackintosh Lenovo Thinkpad T61 - Yosemite with Clover

    I am very appreciative that you started this guide, so a couple updates for those that don’t know the “between the lines” points. With your steps and your references I got my T61 T7300 working. First, access to a running OSX may be necessary, especially in the step about config.plist, as you...
  2. jespejo

    G31M-ES2Lv2.4 with Asus 8400GS 512Mb DDR3 on SL10.6.8

    First thing is DDR3 is not the same as DDR2 version, learned the hard way. After reading and reinstalling 30 times and trying every type of kext, enabler and pixie dust, did I realize none of it will work for DDR3 version. So buyers beware.... ok first the specs,this may be different for other...
  3. jespejo

    Sign in app store issues after 10.6.8 & Lion

    Hi folks, sorry for delay. I for one am a noob and I have attained my success only from trial and error and reading lots of webpages. As for ethernet, I only have it working in 10.6.8 and I dont want to move to Lion as I know my hardware is not supported. for kext input: I have read that many...
  4. jespejo

    Sign in app store issues after 10.6.8 & Lion

    Do you have a functioning ethernet? is it onboard mobo or a card. If its a card then you need to first get that recognized as PCI card. When you run System Profiler > Hardware > PCI Cards... what there?
  5. jespejo

    Sign in app store issues after 10.6.8 & Lion

    I have to say this has been the MOST Frustrating experience. Especially working on this for 24-48 hours over 2 months. Reading all the "It Worked" comments makes it SO MUCH MORE FRUSTRATING. I want to list the components of my PC first, as "it works" posts, and not knowing the hardware is no...