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  1. aol

    After 10.13.4 Security Update, Sleep Not Working

    Hi @mike3run I see you have an almost identical system to mine, and sleep is working for you but not for me. Would you be able to share your config.plist (remove serial number if you like) and a screenshot of your clover efi with kexts and acpi/patched exploded? Thank you. When I just leave the...
  2. aol

    [Solved] Can anyone share Radeon HD 6850 process

    This is not the machine in my sig, it's an older system: - GA Z77X-UP4 TH - core i7 - radeon HD 6850 GPU - ram - High Sierra Unibeast/Multibeast install worked fine. System boots fine. The problem is that all the methods I've tried so far yield a desktop that flickers, it'll look fine for...
  3. aol

    Your computer has detected a potential problem

    Is this the infamous weekly efi check? Today for the first time, I got a popup saying "Your computer has detected a potential problem". Clicking "show report" opens a folder with an eficheck.dump file. I clicked 'Don't Send'.
  4. aol

    MacX Video Converter Pro on 10.12.4 using Intel 530 graphics

    Anyone having "failure to launch" issues with MacX Video Converter Pro on the new 10.12.4? I use the built-in 530 and 10.12.4 seems to no longer require any config.plist fixes or patches. Methods to prove that the 530 is fully enabled often include checking "about this Mac" for 1536 MB under...
  5. aol

    Clover working well on GA Z77X-UP4 TH

    Just wanted to share my success story with getting Clover running a Gigabyte Z77X-UP4 TH mobo. I basically just followed the instructions in the thread I had initially spent some time...
  6. aol

    Ga z77x-up4 th

    Hi guys, my DSDT-free UniBeast/MultiBeast Hackintosh is working very well (GA Z77X-UP4 TH mobo, GA Radeon HD 6850 GPU) and because I am a glutton for punishment I thought I'd mess around with Clover on a separate drive. I've found some threads very helpful but I think I need a real DSDT to go...
  7. aol

    GA Radeon HD 6850 not working

    Hi guys, the new Beast tools led to one of the easiest Hackintosh builds I've ever had. OOB the internal Intel 4000 graphics, sound, lan, and USB 2.0 ports worked, as well as shutdown/restart/sleep on a Z77x-UP4 TH motherboard. However I'd like to use my GA Radeon HD 6850 card, and I can't...
  8. aol

    UEFI boards vs HD 6850 video card

    I've previously used UniBeast/MultiBeast on a GA-X58A board with a GA HD 6850 graphics card on ML and had no issues. However, I've updated to a GA Z77X-UP4 TH board, and the same video card is giving me fits. I've tried various combinations of GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No and various AtiConfig...
  9. aol

    WOL, Wake on LAN, Wake for Network Access with GA-X58A-UD3R rev 1.0

    If anyone has had any luck with getting WOL to work with Mountain Lion, specifically on a GA-X58* board, please post. I've tried all the combinations I can think of with DSDT, SleepEnabler.kext and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. The machine will wake to keyboard but not to network. I'm using...