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  1. alias360

    OWC Mercury Pro Blu Ray Player

    Does anyone have this external player? My case doesn't have room for an internal drive so I need an external, so are there any other suggestions?? Here is the link
  2. alias360

    EVGA GTX 950

    Would this be a good deal and is this compatible with Sierra? I really need a card to hold me over till the 1060 is compatible! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
  3. alias360

    EVGA GTX 950

    Hey everyone I need a Video Card and I can't wait any longer for the 1000 series cards to finally be compatible. There is a sale on this EVGA GTX 950 today...
  4. alias360

    XFX 6870 and Apple Display 27" Question

    So I'm looking at getting the XFX 6870 dual fan card. I have read that the ACD LED 27 will work with this card but can someone please confirm? Now will the Thunderbolt display work at all with this card? I'm interested in the thunderbolt for the HD camera and for the additional ports. And...
  5. alias360

    Show off your cases!!

    I'm going to build my next Hackintosh and I see all the nice G5 case mods, but my torn if I want to go that route so show me your cases!! G5 or not!!!