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  1. PCtoMac

    Removing USB kext?

    I installed 2 USB kexts i really didn't need too since my usb worked. Now i don't have usb support. How do i remove the 2 kext? Thanks
  2. PCtoMac

    Internal Hard drive showing external

    I've pretty much read as much as i could find on this. Ive tried muti-beast and have had no success. I had a windows drive NTFS showing external. I formatted to Extended Journal and of course its still showing external. Its weird because my 2 other SSD's show internal. Ive tried switching...
  3. PCtoMac

    Hard Drive Icon Yellow?

    What does this mean? How do i change it back to what it looked like before? (HD icon)
  4. PCtoMac

    Booting slower?

    All the sudden i'm booting slower. I would normally boot in 3 secs once the wheel started under the apple. Now its like 45 secs-ish. If i boot in Verbose. It boots super fast like normal. No errors or hold ups. My SSD speeds in ML are not any slower. Any ideas?
  5. PCtoMac

    Bios/Boot Resolution Help?

    I was booting fine at 1920x1080 resolution in the bios and the boot loader screen. Now it's changed to something like 1024x768.. Anyone else have this issue before?
  6. PCtoMac

    Post your boot screen theme!

    Post your boot screen theme and how you installed it. Giving us some ideas out there. Thanks!
  7. PCtoMac

    Trim Enabled issues

    [SOLVED] Trim Enabled issues Anyone else having trim issues with ML? When enabled i will lock up on the desktop. My OCZ Max IOPS says it's native trim support but i would assume thats not built in, but OS native support. It flies without it enabled. Maybe a trim update needed for ML? lol
  8. PCtoMac

    Trim Enabled locking up in ML

    [SOLVED] Trim Enabled locking up in ML Anyone having lock up issues with Trim enabled in ML? My SSD flies without it enabled.
  9. PCtoMac

    Still having issues logging into App Store

    Ive tried deleting Networkinterface file and removing and adding new ethernet in all different combinations. What happen was when i loaded into ML my Ethernet worked oob, but then i lost it when i ran muti beast. If i used the Gigabit option it would lock up shortly after loading into ML. I...
  10. PCtoMac

    Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance.

    Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance. I know this was talked about and possibly solved. I looked through all the posts. I can't find it. Anyone have an idea on a solution? Thannks!
  11. PCtoMac

    Very close need advice on Ga-Z68xp-ud4 locking up

    Im close. I battled getting ML to boot and now I'm in and i lock up once on desktop within 3-5 min. User dsdt no aml file Repair permission Audio - worked Lnx2Macs Realtek RTL81xx Any advice? My specs in sig no raid or OC used.
  12. PCtoMac

    Muti-beast help for a Ga-z68x-ud4

    My specs are in my sig. However I'm not overclocked right now and not in raid. I can load and install ML without a hitch, however based on what I pick in muti-beast and restart I'm getting KPs. Can someone suggest what I should be choosing? Gtx 680 works oob Ethernet works oob
  13. PCtoMac

    Kernel failed to load GeForce

    Failed to load kext Any ideas how to fix this ? Lol
  14. PCtoMac

    ML license agreements

    This may be a dumb question, but I've been a windows guy my whole life. Is ML license agreement per user or per-house hold?
  15. PCtoMac

    Good Bluetooth experience.

    I hope i'm not stepping on anyones toes or breaking rules. I wanted to share I bought a bluetooth adapter on ebay and was completely stunned by the quality of this guys work. It's by planb-computer. I don't know him personally but anyone who isn't handy or doesn't want to mess with a good...
  16. PCtoMac

    Boot Screen Name Change. Help lol

    Im upgraded into Lion, but my Tonymac boot screen says Snow Leopard. How do i change that? Thanks!
  17. PCtoMac

    What mouse are you using?

    What mouse are you using? and does it track natural?
  18. PCtoMac

    Change monitor and get a black screen?

    I was working on my wives hackintosh. I loaded into 10.6.8 everything working smooth. I had it hooked up to my 27" and then shut down and hooked up to a 20" monitor and i get a black screen. I re-hooked it up to my 27" again and it works perfect, Any idea?
  19. PCtoMac

    [SOLVED] Snow Leopard boot times?

    How long does it take to load to your desktop? It seems to take longer than i would think. Is their something to speed this up any? Ga-z68x-ud3h i5 2500k 8gb WD Black 7200 1tb
  20. PCtoMac

    Snow Leopard GPU support

    I have a GTX 680, with ML going to support such cards. Am i to assume i install SL, then L, then ML with a different GPU then install my GTX 680 with correct driver support?