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  1. Hunng

    [Solved] Where is the 10.13 Combo Update?

    I'm looking to go from Sierra to High Sierra and the package via the App Store isn't working on reboot...i can't seem to find the High Sierra combo update (only can find 10.13.2 & that says i need to be on 10.13 to work)...any help? Thx.
  2. Hunng

    Circle with slash after install (error loading kernel cache)

    i've installed and reinstalled on this same hardware going back to lion...but never past yosemite...fresh install of Sierra and i can't boot past the circle with a slash...sometimes it will get past it and it loads forever then hangs...this is with or without the unibeast usb drive (i was able...
  3. Hunng

    Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 sleep problem

    Hi, need some help...ive never had sleep issues on this build until last week i got a sandisk SSD and started from scratch...everything works like it should except for sleep...when i click sleep, the monitor will lose signal, but the fans stay on and i have to manually reboot...i tried pmset -g...
  4. Hunng

    CPU multiplier question

    hey guys, is there anyway to get my cpu (core i3 Sandy) to run at x31.0 all the time? hardware monitor shows it mainly at x16.0 most times, and it fluctuates to x31.0 and runs at full 3.10GHz every now and there a bios setting or somehting im missing? i have a Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3...
  5. Hunng

    Radeon 5450 no wake up from sleep?

    I finally got my Asus ATI Radeon 5450 graphics card to work in ML by adding my device ID (0x68f91002) to AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext and Ati5000Controller.kext...everything is working, full qe/ci, full res, boot & shutdown works. When i put the computer to sleep, i can hit button on keyboard or...
  6. Hunng

    Clone ML drive?

    I finally got a 100% stable mountain lion installation on a spare 100GB hdd, i want to clone that drive to my standard boot drive that i was using for i just CCC the 100GB drive to the standard 250GB i want to use? will chimera boot loader already be installed? if not, is there anyway...
  7. Hunng

    Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3/HD3000 HDMI doesnt work?

    I have this config running mountain lion, works fine with my 8400GS or HD3000 if using DVI...on HDMI, the HD3000 will boot, but only if i choose GraphicsEnabler=No..and then its only 1024X768 and the GPU is not detected...if i dont do GE=No then HD3000 on HDMI will just freeze on boot.. With...
  8. Hunng

    How to check qe/ci in mountain lion

    How to we check is qe/ci is enabled in mountain lion? is it the same as lion with the ripples and the translucent bar at the top of a window? I'm not seeing either working no matter if im using HD 3000 or 8400GS, not having any other video problems. Board - Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 CPU - Core...
  9. Hunng

    Motherboard suggestion please?

    Can anyone suggest a hackintosh compatible motherboard for a pentium E6600 socket 775 CPU? My sisters Lenovo Thinkcentre died for the 2nd time and she wants to to build a hackintosh around the hardware...she has 4gb of ddr3 as well...I have a spare GeForce 210, any help?
  10. Hunng

    New video card?

    I already have lion running and everything is working, but the intel HD 3000 graphics are artifacting sometimes, i was wondering if i grab a geforce 210, can i just pop it in and it'll just work? Do i run multi beast again, using my motherboards aml file and just check an extra box for the...
  11. Hunng

    Is SMB sharing really broken in Lion?

    Ive been trying for a couple of days to get SMB/Windows sharing working from my Lion rig to my devices (2 other windows 7 PCs, Xbox 360, PS3 and a few original xboxes running xbmc).. No Luck, I've enabled the shares on the mac, selected the folders etc...i even tried SMBup/Samba devices...
  12. Hunng

    ATI Radeon HD 5450 compatibility

    Hey guys, i just bought the GIGABYTE GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 and Core i3 2105...i plan on building and starting with snow leopard and eventually onto my current Windows 7 setup, i have an Asus Ati Radeon HD 5450 graphics card...its great because its got passive cooling and quiet...can i use...
  13. Hunng

    1st hackintosh build

    hey guys, im going to start buying some parts to put together a hackintosh..going to use my existing antec case and psu and get the parts listed in the customac section.. question, does it matter which hdd and optical drive i use? can it be any hdd or does it have to be one listed in the...