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  1. xXrkidXx

    SSDT Working but not enough Power States?

    Ive generated an SSDT, I've got x86PlatformPlugin running and some Power Management working but for some reason the states I have start at 8, and then immediately jump to 27 or 23? How do I get lower states to work, my computer pretty much runs at a constant 3ghz, sometimes dropping to a 2.7 or...
  2. xXrkidXx

    Have Metal but no Night Shift?

    Just updated to 10.12.4 and my graphics supported metal (Intel HD4600 onboard) but I can't find any options for Night Shift? Checked Notification Center, Display preferences, and accessibility?
  3. xXrkidXx

    RX 460 Working but not @60hz?

    It was pretty straight forward, I installed the card and switched my cable from iGPU to the new card during boot. Got in, and all was fine except I had lost sound. But my main issue is that I can only run 4K(3840x2160) at 30hz.. I'm using a displayport to HDMI adapter as well. Is there a patch...
  4. xXrkidXx

    Finding out what Motherboard my computer has?

    Is there a website or anything that I can use to lookup what components my computer has? I've been Google for about an hour and I can't seem to locate it. The computer I would be purchasing is a Acer AM3910-U4012. I honestly can't seem to find what kexts I would need and if there are kexts for...