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  1. NosajTrah

    Which Cheapest Mini-ITX Motherboard Has Working WiFi In macOS?

    I already have a mini-ITX case I didn't use in a previous build and want to create a new Hackintosh to replace my aging HP 8300 CMT on the cheap. What is the cheapest mini-ITX motherboard with WiFi that works out of the box with Catalina? Thank you!
  2. NosajTrah

    What is the best Bang For The Buck AMD card for Mojave & Windows 10 Gaming?

    Here is my build I am working on now - I want to get a great but affordable AMD card for Mojave and gaming when I boot into Windows 10. What should I do?
  3. NosajTrah

    HP Pavillion 590-p0050 Hackintoshable?

    Is this easily Hackintoshable? I've done two easy hacks with guides on here and wondering about this one?
  4. NosajTrah

    Solved > Clover Taking Forever To Boot Now! (Video Added!)

    I have the rig in the description to the left. I have macOS High Sierra on a 480GB SSD and Windows 10 on it's own 480GB SSD. When I first created this Hackintosh Clover would boot to the OS menu fast, within I bet 15 seconds max. Now it takes about a minute to get to that minute. What can I...
  5. NosajTrah

    Why is Sierra and High Sierra not in my Purchased Tab?

    I downloaded both of these from the App Store and installed them but unlike all the previous macOS versions they are not in my Purchased Tab. I like to make USB install thumbdrives but can't re-download these. Why are they not showing up?
  6. NosajTrah

    Stop macOS From Recommending Mojave?!?!

    I have a Geforce GTX 1050ti so I can't upgrade to Mojave but on every reboot the notification center recommends Mojave. Its a small annoyance but still and annoyance. How do I stop this notice for good?
  7. NosajTrah

    How to remove extra Clover menu items?

    I have two other Clover menu items I would like to remove (images below). How can I do this? Also can I somehow rename NTFS to Windows 10 Pro and HFS to macOS High Sierra? Thank you in advance!
  8. NosajTrah

    Help me with my Hackintosh 2019 please.

    Ok after building a Hackintosh from an HP 6300 Pro in 2017 and then an HP 8300 Elite in 2018 I am ready to build one completely from scratch in 2019. I am going to reuse 2018's two 480GB SSDs and my Geforce 1050 Ti to start along with a brand new Cooler Master RC-130-KKN1 Elite 130 I never...
  9. NosajTrah

    Wireless Card Options for HP 8300 Elite?

    I am in the process of moving and I won't be able to have a CAT5 connection to my Hackintosh at my new residence. What WiFi card should I buy that will work great with both macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 (I dual boot)? Thanks!
  10. NosajTrah

    Two questions about the Clover boot ...

    First, I have two boot options for Windows for some reason, both boot into Windows the same. How do I get rid of one? Second, how do I edit the names so it says "Windows 10" instead of "NTFS" and "macOS" instead of "HFS"? Thanks in advance!
  11. NosajTrah

    GTX 1050 Ti 4GB only shown as 256MB in Hackintosh ... why?

    My build has been working great but this one thing concerns me. Is it just reporting wrong or is it actually only using 256MB of the 4GB total? Is there a piece of software I can test graphic performance with? How can I check if they drivers are correct?
  12. NosajTrah

    Complete Builds Listed Anywhere?

    Hello, I was wondering if there were complete builds with links to the parts to buy so I don't have to try and pick out great parts? I was hoping tonymacx86 might have a HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW builds so if I wanted to build a HIGH end system I just go to the HIGH build, click a link to add all...
  13. NosajTrah

    How to edit Clover boot menu items?

    Alright, thanks to this forum I now have my Hackintosh workings beautifully. I have macOS High Sierra on one 480GB SSD and Windows 10 Pro on the other 480GB SSD. Everything works perfect but I have to many boot options, I just want two, one for macOS and one for Windows. How do I edit this...
  14. NosajTrah

    Pulled out my GT 710 and installed GTX 1050 Ti and now won't boot past Apple screen!

    As title said I just upgraded to the GTX 1050 Ti from the GT 710 that has been running my Hackintosh perfectly. But now it won't get past the Apple splash screen. What do I have to change to boot with the GTX 1050 Ti installed?
  15. NosajTrah

    Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 Ti ... what drivers do I need to download?

    Ok currently I have a GT 710 in my Hackintosh but my GTX 1050 Ti will be arriving today and wondering what the process is to get this working in my system? Do I need to do anything special before pulling out the GT 710 and putting the GTX 1050 Ti in? What is the link to the drivers I need for...
  16. NosajTrah

    Dual booting macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Pro ... is it this easy?

    Ok so I just purchased an HP 8300 Elite CMT and am also ordering two 480Gb SanDisk SSDs and Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC. This is going to be my everyday runner so I am going to dual boot macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Pro, with each system residing on it's own SSD. Can I hook just one SSD...
  17. NosajTrah

    What to format data drive as?

    Ok so for Hackintosh 2018 I will be dual booting macOS High Sierra and Windows 10, each living on their own 250GB Crucial SSD. I will reuse the 1TB HDD that is coming with the HP 8300 Elite CMT as a data drive for both operating systems. How should I format that 1TB HDD so it can be read and...
  18. NosajTrah

    Intel Xeon E5-2670 ... Hackintosh Compatible?

    This is an 8 core/16 thread CPU and would love to make a hackintosh build with it. Can I?
  19. NosajTrah

    10.13.2 to 10.13.3 ... what do I need to do?

    This was my first Hackintosh so I am still learning. Everything is working great but the Mac App Store is telling me I can update to 10.13.3 and wondering the steps I need to take to do the update? Thanks in advance.