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  1. xiaobin0517

    Why BCM94360hmb Cannot Turn On

    To make laptop internal wifi work on, I change my wifi card to bcm94360hmb, and it shows like this in network preference: When i click "Turn Wi-Fi On" button, nothing has happened and the wifi cannot aviliable anyway. So who can tell me how to fix it, many thanks!
  2. xiaobin0517

    [solved] Who can help me compile the DSDT, Thanks!

    When 10.11.4 release, I installed it into my dell inspiron 5559 with clover, with Ethernet, Audio(ALC 255) and i7-6500u with HD 520 works fine, but when i wanna compile DSDT, it kept two errors, I didnot kown how I can fix it, I extract ACPI file both with clover and Rehabman's Patchmatic, but...
  3. xiaobin0517

    Dell Inspiron 5559 with Ei Capitan's Display Issues.

    My Laptop's Specification: Intel Skylake i7-6500u 2.5GHz 8Gb DDR3L RAM AMD Radeon R5 M335 2GB DDR3 2 USB2.0 port 1 USB3.0 port 1 HDMI port I successfully installed the El Capitan 10.11.2 And in About This Mac, the Picture is My Clover config set IntelGFX = 0x19168086 & ig-platform-id =...