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  1. reetkever

    Possible craigslist find

    looks good! just install some fans in the front and the airflow problem should be solved!
  2. reetkever

    Front Panel I/O - Connect USB Directly

    it is possible if you have some soldering skills. make sure you cut the traces on the pcb to avoid shorting anything out... you could try to desolder the usb plug and turn it around so the legs are free and then glue it to the pcb
  3. reetkever

    Change Gigabyte Boot Logo to Apple Splash

    here i've added the gigabyte keys to the picture hope you like it!
  4. reetkever

    reetkever's g5 hackintosh

    this is my firs g5 mod so i'm still a bit of a noobie :) but so far so good, my hardware: - GA-P55-USB3 (unfortunately sleep doesn't work yet and i'm still running wiondows atm) -i7 870 @3,6ghz on stock cooler gets to 100 degrees c so i have to get a decent cooler for it -gts 250 1gb...