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  1. ricky7

    Notifications Center Stopped Working

    Couldn't find a solution here, did some scouring, found a way to fix it elsewhere and wanted to add it here. Basically My notifications center completely stopped working. No notifications for text messages, emails, final cut, and swiping on trackpad would not open it either. I'm currently on...
  2. ricky7

    Greenish artifacts in FCP

    Leaving whatevergreen and lilu, and reverting to boot to black screen seems to be a temporary solution. I have a 2 monitor setup, one plugged into the gfx one to the mobo so I can see what im booting to and get into bios if necessary. Im still researching but Ive got some upcoming footage due so...
  3. ricky7

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Anyone else seeing green artifacts in FCPX? Im at a total loss and have no idea what to do....
  4. ricky7

    [Solved]Fixes to Get Full Acceleration on Intel HD Graphics in iMac 17.1

    This may be the wrong thread but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Ive got lilo and whatevergreen and since installing ive had serious issues with final cut. Im getting green artifacts that cover the entire piece of footage every time i try to render with FCP or compressor...
  5. ricky7

    RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues

    So I’ve got a 480 not a 580, but I’m having the same greenish issues. I followed the steps but I’m booting to black screen. I think it has to do with the intel ID. It’ll boot without one but when I put one in it boots to black screen. After all the steps minus the intel ID I still had the green...
  6. ricky7

    RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues Good luck have fun and be patient. Hackintoshes are great but they definitely require some TLC. But its better than buying the real thing for your left kidney:)
  7. ricky7

    Greenish artifacts in FCP

    Sure enough I'm having the same issue. I turned off background render and deleted the cache. Temporary fix but live rendering makes it drop frames. It looks like raw media has no issue but as soon as anything is placed on it and it renders it freaks out. For now im going to export to do a final...
  8. ricky7

    Final Cut Pro X/Compressor won't render "non-pro" codecs

    Hi All, Final cut pro is having trouble rendering non pro codecs. I assume its a quicktime issue but not sure if anyone has any insight. I can render things like prores and such, but when trying to render MOV I get a failed to render error. Any suggestions?
  9. ricky7

    Final Cut Pro X won't render on High Sierra

    Hello, ever since updating to High Sierra, I have been unable to render videos from final cut pro x. 4790k and asus rog strix 480 for hardware. Compressor fails every time and final cut pro can only make a render file.
  10. ricky7

    [README] Common Problems in 10.13 High Sierra

    Hardware is a desktop, didn't realize this thread was laptops. Ill open a separate thread, thanks!
  11. ricky7

    [README] Common Problems in 10.13 High Sierra

    I seem to be having final cut x and compressor issues in high sierra. Compressor continually fails to render, and final cut pro can only render to render file. Has anyone else experienced these issues?
  12. ricky7

    CustoMac Desktop USB Fixes - 10.11+ Reference

    I do some arduino programming. Haven't done it in a while on my machine, but now it seems all the com ports are blocked after doing the USB fixes. Any Ideas?
  13. ricky7

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Heres a weird one. I have two monitors, but OSX is generating 3 displays. It thinks a "projector" is attached, and it actually generates the pixels for this ghost screen too. In display settings, I can also see this screen. 4790k with r9 480. Any thoughts? I keep losing windows to this invisible...
  14. ricky7

    I cheated on dual boot with AMD card

    As many of you already know who run AMD cards, you need to set internal graphics card as primary. Which becomes a problem when dual booting because you can't see clover. Sure there are ways around this, plug your video source into your motherboard, unplug and plug in your hard drives, use a...
  15. ricky7

    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    I have a ghost monitor... My system is registering that a projector is connected when there is no such thing. Any way to make this display disappear? It's getting annoying losing my cursor and windows to this invisible projector....
  16. ricky7

    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    I get the bios screen. I have a 2 monitor setup but know windows is annoying and needs both hdmi plugs in the graphics card so I was hoping I wouldn't need to swap the cable every time
  17. ricky7

    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    Lol love the simple solution. I might give this a try
  18. ricky7

    Sales category

    So Mods required for this question. How hard would it be to implement a sales category? Lets say you wanted to buy used components from eBay for instance. Could users post what they're selling on eBay directly to tonymac, and then other users could buy? If we kept this within the tonymac...
  19. ricky7

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    yes. Ran my system like that for a little over a year Any way to figure out when to boot into windows when using IGFX to make a 480 work? Or is the cable swap to see clover required
  20. ricky7

    Enabling AMD RX 4XX cards in Sierra.

    IT WORKED YAY! So question. Now I'm booting to black screen which isn't a big deal, however, I have a dual boot, and would like to boot to windows. Is there any way to make that happen? Since IGPU is primary, it means that I can't even see bios to manually boot into windows. Any recommendations...