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  1. amj

    Solved > HP 250 G4 Catalina (Error apsf 1683)

    Hello everybody, i tried to install Catalina but I stuck at this step when i searching i got same issue appeard with another user and this solve I tried it: but i got a new issue (i think memory panic) See Preboot for more info (attached) thanks for reading, Please help me.
  2. amj

    Freeze while Boot Install Catalina

    hi everyone I tried to install the new mac Catalina and I stuck on this step (see picture attached) * clover 2.5 5070 * config plist
  3. amj

    hp 250 g4 mojave issue after installing

    hi, i was got this issue after installed mojave on my laptop hp 250 g4 please any help :(