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  1. vlaca

    Apple inter-device audio working on hackintosh :)

    Apple inter-device audio working fine on my CusomMac :) (Unibeast 6, legacy clover install)
  2. vlaca

    Envy24 driver with Clover

    Hi All! I’m used the envy24 driver from audio-evolution site. Its worked fine with chameleon/chimera, but not with clover. The install ok and device show, but the sound was crackled. The system log say, memory allocation error: Oct 3 18:57:53 vlacas-iMac kernel[0]: Failed to allocate...
  3. vlaca

    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    Audio Interfaces......... Hi! Terratec EWS88MT (PCI) working fine with Envy24 driver. 10.7.1 unibeast install. AppleHPET.kext must delete! Resolve "No interrupt event source" error and distort sound...