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  1. bobrah

    Looking for optimal Clover/EFI - Mojave - Gigabyte H370M DS3H.i5 8400. RX 560 2GB

    Hi, I am trying to update and cleanup my old Clover/EFI. EFI_old : Very Very stable, Wake/sleep is perfect. the only issue is BT not recognized (Taken from HighSierra) EFI_new : BT is working but I have wake/sleep glitches and issues I cannot identify a way to have the stability of the old...
  2. bobrah

    Sleep/Wake AMD Radeon HD 6450

    I have Sleep/wake issue with the card AMD Radeon HD 6450. All is working fine except the sleep issue. Anyone with better luck with this card? I have a Vostro 260 i5-2500. MacOs 10.13.4 (17E199) Thanks