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  1. benbumben

    Mojave 10.14.6 not able to install: Forcing CS_Runtime for entitlement

    Hello, I tried to boot on my new setup and get always stuck with following code: Forcing CS_Runtime for entitlement: failed to open /private/var/db/systempolicyconfigutration/hardeningexceptions.plistcreating RAM disk for var/log I tried different...
  2. benbumben

    Can only boot from UNIBEAST stick -10.14.6 - 9900k - Radeon VII - Z390 Aorus Pro

    Hello, I am trying to boot with my new Z390 Aorus pro and my 9900k MB but it always stops at "PTIDSensors: Started". My EFI folder which is attached worked before on the same setup with a Vega-56. I tried a lot of different BIOS settings but can only boot up from the standard Unibeast USB...
  3. benbumben

    Reboot after shut down 10.14.6 Mojave - 9900k - Z390 Aorus Pro

    Hi, I installed Mojave 10.14.6 on a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro with a I9 9900k and a Vega56 Saphire Pulse. I tried all kind of different UEFI drivers like AptioMemoryFix-64.efi and still no luck. Does anyone have a similar setup running and can provide me with information? I attached my EFI Folder...
  4. benbumben

    [Solved] Mojave graphics problem when PCIe RAID card is plugged

    Hello everyone, yesterday I installed Mojave and a Saphire Pulse Vega 56 in my setup. Everything went smooth until I replugged my Highpoint RocketRaid 2720 card into the second or third PCIe slot. When I do this the machine boots up to a black screen with cursor and some strange red dots...
  5. benbumben

    10.13.6 Stuck at Gigabyte splash screen when booting

    Hi all, since some days I have the problem that my build is stuck at the "Gigabyte - insist on ultra durable" screen. then I press the power button and it turns off immediately and boot again and it boots up fine. When I restart it also boots normal. Only when the machine is turned off and I...
  6. benbumben

    Random reboots El Capitan 10.11.4 and clover

    Hi, since two weeks my machine started to randomly reboot. I cannot say when it exactly happens cause it´s sometimes under load but also when i don´t do anything at all. It´s really like someone is pulling the plug. The mouse freezes for one second and the computer seems to be without power for...
  7. benbumben

    Yosemite 10.10.4 usb driver for quad capture not working

    Hello, I´m running a Quad capture audio interface from Roland since 2 years. Since I updated to 10.10.4 the machine always freezes completely after booting up. When i start with -x and deinstall the usb driver from Roland everything works fine. Does anyone have the same experience? thanx ben
  8. benbumben

    Span Video over two Monitors 4k with quicktime mov

    Hi, I want to use my i7 4770k with a gtx 770 to playback a quicktime proves HQ mov in 2x 4k resolution on two 4k projectors. I did a bit of testing and had a lot of troubles. The main Problem is that os x does not allow you to use your desktop as a expanded desktop like it´s possible in windows...
  9. benbumben

    Mac Pro 2013 Mavericks update

    Hi, has anyone already checked this: Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.0 does it Change anything for the Installation on i74930k?
  10. benbumben

    Socket 2011 build for 4k/5k editing

    Hi, I need to build a really fast machine for a friend with a i7 4930k. I wanted to wait till apple integrates the socket 2011 support into OS x Mavericks but now the mac pros delayed I cannot wait anymore. We are working on a huge project with Sony Raw from the F5. My friend owns a Mac Pro 2008...
  11. benbumben

    Opencl on the HD4000 coming?

    hi, I´m wondering if apple will release OpenCL driver for the HD4000 soon. I know that there is support for OpenCL with windows. Does anybody know if something is happening in the future. Apple shpuld really support this, as they have several macs which only have the HD 4000.
  12. benbumben

    Searching a guide for 10.8.2 on a h77-ds3h

    i have following setup: ga h77-ds3h i7 3770 gtx 580 120gb sandisk ssd i can install ML with -x and PCIRootUID=0 but when use multibeast i´m not able to boot with driver. i alway have to use -x and PCIRootUID=0 to get back to the installed osx. it always says something about unsupported cpu...