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  1. victorsmits

    [README] Common Problems and Workarounds on 10.14 Mojave

    Hi I have an issue with my mojave, it wake from sleep after a while without any intervention from me :/ can someone help me ?
  2. victorsmits

    Empty PCI list - System Report

    Thank you it works ;)
  3. victorsmits

    Empty PCI list - System Report

    @Pavo can you do the same for me please ? here is my EFI
  4. victorsmits

    Sleep stop working correctly for no reason on High sierra 10.13.6

    since now 2year my hack sleep without any issue but yesterdays it wake up after 1 min asleep and i could not found the reason why, I have change nothing since the beginning but I've seen some slow down of my hack when I'm log in. I attach my clover config so if some one can help me I would love...