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  1. lucalang

    Windows 8.1 doesn't boot from clover

    I have installed Yosemite with clover on my second hard drive but when i try to boot windows from clover i se only an intermittent - . When I boot direct to windows (F12-> select my ssd with windows) the system boot correctly.
  2. lucalang

    sleep awake failure

    When the system go to sleep the the pc reboot.
  3. lucalang

    Yoseimte doesn't isntall

    I have created yosemite installer with unibeast but when i try to install i have this error.
  4. lucalang

    NO SOUND ALC 892 + Clover

    I have tried to install audio_cloverALC-100.command but i don't have sound
  5. lucalang

    maverick doesn't boot up

    smc successfully initialized stuck smc successfully initialized stuck system boot only with -x
  6. lucalang

    Music Folder empty

    After put my music folder into itunes, the music from my folder disappear. If i boot with windows 8 my music folder exist and there are music inside.... why?
  7. lucalang

    GTX 760 doesn't throttle down

    GTX 760 doesn't throttle down under Mountain Lion my gtx 760, after opening Photoshop, reaches the maximum frequency and does not drop more down.
  8. lucalang

    disable gtx 760 and use only hd4600

    It's possible to disable gtx 760 and use only hd4600 in Maverick without eliminate the gtx from the motherboard?
  9. lucalang

    gtx 760 problem MHz always on MAX

    I have installe Nvidia gtx 760 and is always on MAX MHz... On windows the same card when it not in use is on 155 MHz.. WHY?
  10. lucalang

    stuck on HDAenabler: copyrig_

    (RESOLVED)stuck on HDAenabler: copyrig_ I followed the guide step by step but after the post installation (Multibesat 6.0) the system doesn't boot. I have set the bios to default and disabled VT-d and it's work!!
  11. lucalang

    AutoSleep not working

    I have mobo ga h87 d3h and the autosleep not working. Manual sleep works very well.
  12. lucalang

    My external HArd Disk doesn't sleep

    I have a Maxtor basic HD 1 Tb for Time Machine. The disk it's always on and after a couple of hours it's very hot.. this is the model
  13. lucalang

    chimera 2.2.1 doesn't install.

    I have installed ML 10.8.5 but chimera 2.2.1 doesn't install. I dont have org.chameleon.Boot.plist.. WHY?
  14. lucalang

    error encountered while starting up the computer pausing 5 seconds

    Why? After this 5 seconds the osx boot
  15. lucalang

    Mouse extreme lag

    my mouse doesn't work (lag) when i write "key>GraphicsEnabler</key><string>Yes</string> " while when i write key>GraphicsEnabler</key><string>No</string> it's work very well but i have only 64Mb of Video Ram.. Is there a solution?
  16. lucalang

    chimera option?

    It's possible to have directly this screen when i boot? Now The system boot directly in ML unless i press any key to select the Operating System to boot.
  17. lucalang

    Restore system from timemachine. NO BOOT

    I have Restored the system from time machine but now i can't boot my system. Why?
  18. lucalang

    Intel HD4600 + Nvidia 8800 GTS = PROBLEM!

    My system (10.8.5) was perfect before i have installed my card Nvidia 8800 GTS. The system only start when i write -x. I have installed NVEnabler.kext but i have this error. My monitor is connected via hdmi to HD4600. This is My org.chameleon.Boot.plist <?xml version="1.0"...
  19. lucalang

    Vt-d disabled on i7 4770 - gygabyte H87

    when I enable vt-d from the bios the system does not start. Mountain lion 10.8.5
  20. lucalang

    Speed fan

    Can i control the speed fan of my hackintosh? I have installed hwmonitor from multibeast and the fan speed is very slow causing the overheating of my hard disk.