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  1. macwannabe

    Vostro 3460

    I am trying to install mountain lion using unibeast on a Vostro 3460 but have come against the still waiting for root device problem. I know from research this can mean using a usb 2.0 drive but my problem is the Vostro only has usb 3.0 ports. Is there any way around this? Picture attached...
  2. macwannabe

    fan speed

    Are there any programs for mountain lion that can allow adjustment of fan speed on a hackintosh
  3. macwannabe

    Trash Bin

    Have a .iso in my trash bin and am unable to empty searched google and tried the terminal command, secure empty trash and even the app trash it I think it was called? Is it worth repairing the disc using the bootable mountain lion usb stick then disc utility?
  4. macwannabe

    Unable to get past language selection

    Just got my new shuttle ds61 trying to install mountain lion as i have on my old pc using usb multibeast get to select language but no matter where i click nothing happens using i3 3225
  5. macwannabe

    Shuttle DS61

    Has anyone installed mountain lion on a shuttle ds61? I was looking at the intel nuc originally but think might be a little under powered so this has caught my eye its only a little bigger and was thinking a i3 3225 for the hd4000
  6. macwannabe

    My Build Need Advice

    I built myself a pc with the following have installed hackintosh mountain lion (back to windows atm) installs okay but then the graphics stuck at stock resolution and im not able to boot without using the usb (not tired audio etc yet). MSI B75IA-E33 Motherboard Core i3 3240 8GB Corsair Ram...