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  1. iCubeFan

    Mac Cube X99

    Hi all, Please take a look at this amazing Cube: I found the link in SinoNeptune's iMac thread (another amazing build by the way)...
  2. iCubeFan

    All Apple 10th Anniversary Cube

    Hi all, I wanted to share this with you.It's a different approach of the mac mini in a Cube mod. Cheers F.
  3. iCubeFan

    Broadwell NUC Intel Specs

    The Technical Product Specification for the latest i5 NUC. highlights: • One SATA 6.0 Gb/s port is reserved for an M.2 storage module supporting M.2 2242, M.2 2260, and M.2 2280 (key type M) modules -Instead...
  4. iCubeFan

    USB Audio-Micro II Turtle Beach [Surround not Working]

    Hi all, I bought a Turtle Beach Micro II USB Audio adapter to send DD/DTS from my NUC hackintosh to a receiver. I followed this guide but I'm unable to output surround sound.I only get a loud noise like...
  5. iCubeFan

    Distorted Installer screen

    Hi! So I finally decided to upgrade my NUC to Mavericks. I followed the same procedure that I used with ML but found two issues I' ve never seen before. After choosing the Mavericks USB option from the boot screen graphics go crazy (image totally distorted) so I can't really run the Mavericks...
  6. iCubeFan

    Soldering station

    Hi, I think it's time to have my own soldering station. I'm tired of asking for favors :oops: Can anyone recommend a good quality and affordable soldering station? Which ones are you using by the way? Thanks! F.
  7. iCubeFan

    Question about original Cube PSU

    Hi all, I would like to use the original Cube PSU in a future mod.I've been doing some online research and found the following: PSU pin-out Thanks to TomD for the PSU specs: The outer shell is ground - thru to the 3rd pin of the AC power cord The two pins that are closer together are +28V...
  8. iCubeFan

    130W mini ITX ATX Power DC-DC converter Pico PSU Y2

    Hi all, Some time ago a user from recommended me this DC-DC converter. It has the same connector as the original G4 Cube and accepts a variable...
  9. iCubeFan

    Uncut G4 Cube Mod ( ongoing project)

    Intro. I own a stock G4 Cube and like many others wanted a modern Intel version .So years ago I bought a non-working Cube (core only) with the intention of fitting the internals of an Intel Mac mini. The project was put on hold indefinitely for several reasons: lack of skills, time and the...