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  1. blackyesnegro

    Restart after install Sierra

    Hi everyone, I installed Sierra from bootable USB but when try to boot with clover into SSD Sierra, starts the grey screen to setup the Macos config (app store login, country,etc), then try to apply those configs it restarts. Any wrong uefi bios setting? iGPU intel HD530 issue? Anyone know...
  2. blackyesnegro

    "Error loading Kernel 0x7" Sierra 11.2.5

    Hello! Trying to fix some random OS reboots, I've modified some kext from my hackintosh, but when I restart jumps this kernel cache error, and can't boot anymore. Tried to boot with Unibeast and nothing. I rode some posts saying to rebuild cache in terminal, but I can't run the terminal from...
  3. blackyesnegro

    Hackintosh reset randomly

    hi everyone! I've done two same hackintosh i7 6700, one with an AMD RX 380x and the other with iGPU 530. These rigs I made last year, but don´t know why the iGPU rig now starts to crash randomly with a kernel panic (Attached two different logs). Both are Macos Sierra 12.10.5 How can I resolve...
  4. blackyesnegro

    LAN & Audio doesn't work GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 (rev. 1.1)

    I'm building an old sandy bridge i7 2600 with MB GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 (rev. 1.1). So I installed MacOs Sierra 10.12, everything OK, but in Post-installation Multibeast I tried to install every AtherosE2200Ethernet kext with no succes. Please help me with this issue.
  5. blackyesnegro

    Kernel panic h170 i7 6700 [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone, My specs are: Mobo - ASUS H170 Pro Gaming CPU - i7 6700 Ram - 16gb DDR4 2400 OS - Sierra GPU - Intel H530 BIOS Settings: - CMS mode - Disable - Safe boot - Disable - SO - Other OS I've done every steps well: - Make the usb with Unibeast 7: UEFi mode - Boot from usb and...