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  1. thenephilim

    Bluetooth that works with headset?

    Does anyone have a bluetooth adapter (PCIe or USB) that works fine with a Bluetooth headset? I've tried all of the USB recommended ones including: GMYLE, IOGear GBU521, Asus BT400. They all show up in System information and the GMYLE actually allows me to connect to my iPhone but no luck at...
  2. thenephilim

    Intel + Radeon this could be fun!
  3. thenephilim

    Stuck in a reboot loop right after selecting boot partition in Clover?

    Just ran into a strange issue and learned a few things in the process, thought I'd share here (mods please move if there's a better location) in case anyone else encounters something similar. My NUC has been working fine for a week or two with 10.13.2 - this morning when starting it up it got...
  4. thenephilim

    USB Bluetooth that works for me on High Sierra

    Just thought I'd share this here to perhaps be of use to others: I purchased two of these: IOGEAR Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter, GBU521 from Amazon. It did not work on either my Z87 or NUC. It shows the device in System Information but isn't actually able to connect to anything. In addition...
  5. thenephilim

    Signature problem?

    I'm curious what is wrong with my signature that resulted in a day ban yesterday? I'm not sure how I am not in compliance with: "Signatures are for build descriptions only. Maximum of 4 systems listed and limited to motherboard, CPU and graphics card(s) only. Formatting should be limited to the...
  6. thenephilim

    new GTX 1070 TI detected as "NVIDIA Graphics Device"

    replaced my GTX 970 with a GTX 1070 TI in hopes of some more stability (Windowserver crashes) and fortunately it worked immediately with no changes but I noticed two things: 1. The card is detected as a "NVIDIA Graphics Device" 2. Framebuffer depth is now defaulting to 24bit when selecting...
  7. thenephilim

    logs out / windowserver crashing randomly?

    On my Z87 system, this started happening after upgrading from 10.12.6 to 10.13.1, still happening on 10.13.2. Using the Nvidia latest web drivers (upgraded version twice with the recent security update and 10.13.2 update) and still happening. Everything will freeze, the clock will stop ticking...