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  1. michaelcuneo

    Alienware 17 R2

    Hey guys, so I've managed to get El Capitan 10.11.5 working to a semi-stable degree on my Alienware 17 R2 after tonnes of trial and error. I have a few questions and problems that I might be able to work out... I have IntelBacklight working 100%, full sleep & brightness control through PLNF in...
  2. michaelcuneo

    Unusual El Capitan issue. Won't login.

    Hey guys, Followed the guides around here to get my El Capitan installed onto my Alienware 17R2, it all worked well, I managed to get it installed, and first login was fine, went through all the creating an account business, that all went well, then I rebooted... and now it won't log in. It...