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  1. theshaner

    Audio coming out of wrong ports?

    I was troubleshooting my audio problems to no avail the past few days. I was able to get a sound icon, but could never hear anything. For shits and giggles I played around with where my audio jack was plugged into and sure enough, one of the other ports has sound, but not the correct port...
  2. theshaner

    Dual Boot - Sierra / Win10 - Correct Win EFI Option Not Showing In Clover

    So I have Sierra and Windows 10 installed on separate drives, and they both boot fine. The issue is that when I boot to the clover menu, I have two windows efi options, but neither are the one that I need to boot successfully. One is a CD option and the other is a boot manager of some sort...
  3. theshaner

    Is there a preference between installing UEFI or Legacy?

    My motherboard supports both. I have been able to get the multiboot working using UEFI, but Win10 has been giving me sound issues, in that I can get it to work. Was thinking about going the legacy route to see if it changed anything. Is there any reason to pick UEFI over Legacy?
  4. theshaner

    Install of Sierra broke my Dual Boot

    Up until two weeks ago, I had a sweet dual boot going with Yosemite and Win10. My Yosemite load went belly up and I was forced to reload the drive from a fresh format. After I reloaded, clover sees the NTFS drives (3 of them for some reason), but will not boot to them. I just get a cursor...
  5. theshaner

    Cursor gets really large in between clickable items on screen

    Sierra 10.12.3, CustoMac This happens here and there, and I wasnt sure if it was just me or not. But moving in between buttons my cursor will about triple in size for a second sometimes. Anyone seen this before? Fix?
  6. theshaner

    Trying to run a 3rd Monitor, any hardware sugguestions?

    My current setup: NVIDIA GeForce GTX570 w/ 2 Acer Monitors Attached via Digital Ports Gigabyte Z78-UH5D Intel i7 16GB RAM OSX 10.10.5 I have a 3rd Acer that I would like to hook up and am having no luck. I have tried the digital port on the motherboard as well as the HDMI port on both the...
  7. theshaner

    No config.plist in EFI?

    I am trying to work through the iMessage fix, but am unable to access my clover settings. I have tried mounting the EFI partition, but when I explore it, it only has one file in it. /EFI/APPLE/Extensions/firmware.scap. Am I missing something? I have a dual boot machine with Windows on it...
  8. theshaner

    How to Edit Boot Options in Clover

    I have a HP ProBook 450 G1 that I have set up with a Yosemite / Win10 Dual Boot. When I boot it up I have about 5 options that come up in Clover, some backup partitions etc. I would like to trim that down to the 2 main OS's that I have installed. Can anyone tell me how I edit this list the...
  9. theshaner

    Probook 450 G1 Screen Flickering

    Just installed Yosemite on my Probook 450 G1 for the second time. I have flickering when I first get to the login screen and in my Chrome. I have seen a couple of threads pertaining to this, but nothing specifically about the probook. Anyone else seeing this?
  10. theshaner

    Weird Issue When Installing 898 After Clean Install Of Yosemite

    I ended up getting lucky after a few installs and the audio hardware somehow miraculously showed up in my audio list,so I am not looking for any help here, but I am a bit curious about this and why it happens. Here is the scenario: - Clean install of Yosemite - Boot into new load, use...
  11. theshaner

    Installing Native AppleHDA.kext

    I am trying to follow this guide here: in order to patch my audio. I apparently do not have the native kext installed. In the doc it states to run the OSX installer to repair this. Do I have to go through a full blown reinstall for the .kext file...
  12. theshaner

    Shutdown Hang

    I am for up and running for the most part, still battling the audio, but that is a different matter all together. I am however having problems getting my machine to shutdown or reboot. It goes black like it is going to reboot, I get a clocking icon, then I lose signal to my monitors and have...
  13. theshaner

    So close, but my 898 sound is super quiet z78-UH5D

    I have been tinkering with my sound all morning. Where at first I had no audio devices, I have managed to get some in there, but they are super quiet, I can barely hear them. I have been on the boards scouring for some way to get this worked out but have not had any luck. If anyone has this...
  14. theshaner

    Yosemite Nvida Web Driver?

    Cannot Boot without nv_disable=1 I cannot seem to locate a link to this driver. Anyone have it handy?
  15. theshaner

    Troubleshooting Lockups

    What is the best way to go about this? Logs? I have issues with my machine locking up periodically, especially when taxing the network connection and or the USB slots. For the most part it is rock solid, but when I first boot up I stand a chance of locking up, or when I am transferring large...
  16. theshaner

    Mapping Keys to Screen Brightness ProBook 450 G1

    Hey there, can someone point me to the correct thread for mapping keys to the screen brightness? I've been looking and cannot seem to figure out the right guide to getting it done. Thanks! HP ProBook 450 G1 15.6" Screen Intel Quad-Core i7-4702MQ Processor 2.2GHz 8GB Memory 1TB HDD HD4600...
  17. theshaner

    BCM943225HMB Card Stuttering, Should I have bought a different card?

    Ive got a ProBook 450 G1 that I got up and running yesterday, (Thanks RehabMan and Nguyenmac). I popped a BCM943225HMB card in it. It works, but the internet seems to pulse. It will go, then drag, then go then drag. I have not installed any drivers for it, it kind of just worked. Is there a...
  18. theshaner

    Dual Booting ProBook 450 G1

    You will have to forgive me, I have lurked the forms for a while now and thought I had a handle on it, but after many many attempts at building a dual booting load I am coming up short. So I am asking for some guidance ... I can get OSX installed, but cannot boot to it, let alone work Win8 into...
  19. theshaner

    Updated Drivers through MultiBeast, Not booting past sound assertion now

    Exactly as the title describes it. I updated my USB3.0 and my network drivers, as well as to the current version of chimera, and now I cannot boot. I hear the sound card kick in, but then I just sit and eventually reboot. Here is a screenshot of where it sticks, then the last message it shows...
  20. theshaner

    Tried to fix App Store, cant boot now.

    So, I was trying to fix the App store and I edited the org.chameleon.Boot.plist in the Mac Hard Drive/Extra/ folder using a hash I got from EFI studio. Not sure what went wrong, but I cant boot now. So, I need to get back to that file and remove what I put in it so I can get booted, but I have...