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  1. PJALM

    Updated MaciASL patch for ASUS Maximus VI series motherboards

    I have created an updated patch for all the ASUS Maximus VI series. # Maintained by: PJALM for: PJALM ASUS 02/15/2014 # Patch Name : Maximus VI (Generic) # Add the DTGP method into method label DTGP remove_entry; into definitionblock code_regex . insert begin Method (DTGP, 5...
  2. PJALM

    ATI HD 4870x2 and ML

    Hi I am trying to get ML to recognize my 4870x2 with QE/CI enabled but no luck so far. It looks like Chimera only has the ID for the 4870 and not the 4870x2 so I edited the ATI4800Controller.kext and added my dev id and now I get proper resolution and sys info recognizes it at the ATI Radeon...