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  1. elamored


    Hi All , Finaly my Hakintosh work as well specs Phanteks enthoo evolv tempered glass gray Gigabyte Aorus ultra gaming 7 z370 intel i7 - 8700K Kraken x62 ver2 SSD evo 960 samsung pro 1TB Corsair Venguance LPX 2666Mhz 4x16 64GB EVGA 1080TI Black Edition SC COMBO Card WI-FI Bleutooth 4.0...
  2. elamored

    hakintosh on Gigabyte x99p sli intel thunderbolt 3

    Hello, i would to know if there are someone who have installed high sierra on gigabyte x99psli , because i have this mainboard and i try to install sierra but i cant , my usb intaller stick run on z170 chipset and z270 i have installed , but on this mainboard i cant , if there are no way to...
  3. elamored

    USB high sierra , Installation

    Hi , i try a long time to creeate a usb stick to install sierra , my hardware is Gigabyte X99P-SLI i7-6850K Evo 960 PRO 1tb m.2 DDR4 2400 64GB venguace 1080TI nvidia is there some one who can help me to install on this hardware sierra ? i have read many forums many tutarials , but is there...